Thursday, December 18, 2008

we like our pajamas

We've had sort of a whole pajama week around here this week. Basically it seems I haven't found time to get myself or my kids dressed if I don't have to. It's more like I go to run to the grocery store and realize, oh wow! It's three o'clock in the afternoon and no one's gotten dressed yet!

Three days so far this week, and anywhere from one to three of me and the kids haven't made it out of our pajamas each day.
Monday: Snow day, Savannah decided that equaled pajama day. Fine by me. All of us in our jammies. All day.
Tuesday: Savannah did manage to get dressed for school, but I didn't get real clothes on until about 2 hours before we had guests that evening, and Sawyer never made it out of his pj's at all.
Wednesday: Sawyer and I actually got dressed (only 'cuz we had to leave the house) at a respectable time in the morning... Savannah, on the other hand, had a Polar Express/Pajama Day at school yesterday, so no real clothes for her!

Why is it so gosh darn exciting for kids to get to wear their pajamas to school?!? Savannah has been dying of anticipation of this day for the whole school year so far...
and then begged me to take a picture of her and this supposed monumental occasion!

And I promise Sawyer was dressed today... he was just up from nap here and he likes to sleep with no pants.

We'll see what happens today... my to-do list is dwindling so I may actually take some time to sit down and breathe... and get out of my pj's/sweats just because I want to. Who knows, maybe I'll actually put make-up on too! If I were smart I'd go do that now before the kids get up!

Here, by the way, is what happens around here after a few days of being snow/iced in with temps in the teens at our house...

the kids get desperate and bored enough that they resort to playing house in the bathroom sink. This makes a perfect top bunk bed, no?

Comfy, Sawyer??


Kim said...

Cute pics! I would wear my pj's forever if I could.

Debbie said...

I know what you mean! I have been working from home all this week with our crazy ice and snow and our steep hill, so I have been in my PJs half of the day as well :-) Hey, I am glad to see Sawyer using and liking his baseball pillow! It isn't so much fun being snowed in, though! At least you have two little fun ones to keep you entertained.....:-) all I have is my work and my clients, but they actually can be entertaining as toddlers at times. I am just thankful that I am able to work from home at times like these.
Love, Debbie

Mom said...

I would have never imagined ...using the sink for a bunk bed.Kooky Kids!!Sawyer does seem to be enjoying it,but he can't be comfy for long,pillow or not. That is one HARD bed!:)XOXOXOXO

Nicole said...

OOH i love hanging out in my pj's. We tend to look like that on Fridays when the girls are here! HAHA!

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