Monday, December 15, 2008

let the countdown begin

I just made reservations for the kids at KidsPlay for New Years Eve.
This is a first, as we've never in all our married years, needed a babysitter on New Year's Eve... we've never really done anything! The last two years we've just had the Barczaks over for snacks and games. And barely make it until midnight. I know. We're sad.
And as exciting as that is, those bums are standing us up this year. Can you believe it?!?

So since we had to find something else to do... we finally made the decision to actually get out of the house! We're having dinner out at a good restaurant with friends from church and then going to a party/open house kind of thing. I'm kind of excited! It'll be fun to actually DO something. And maybe dress up :).
I'm sure we'll still be home well before midnight because there's no way I'd expect the kids to be up and hanging out at the play place all night (our in-home babysitter options are limited and were already booked). I'm sure we'll have grabbed them and taken them home to bed by 10 at the latest. I think they'll have fun though... more fun than staying at home and going to bed like normal at least! They're having a special night with pizza and crafts and games and ice cream and prizes.

So. Reservations are made and we are going out!
Now I gotta get to planning the New Years Day Dinner we're hosting...

What are you doing for New Years this year??


patty said...

most likely working. :(

Mom said...

I would have been MORE than happy to be the sitter for those 2 darling kids of yours.But I will be in VEGAS instead!! XOXOXO

Nicole said...

Us bums are having a party... hopefully we can stay up past midnight!

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