Sunday, October 19, 2008


We're having a hide-out laze around do nothing kind of Sunday today.
Ryan took off all day to go to a Ram's game with a neighbor; he left at 8 this morning and won't be home till dinnertime. I'm being lazy and skipping out on church this morning; I just don't feel motivated to get the kids ready and out the door and be social on my own.

I want to enjoy a day of having nothing to do. Having to do nothing.
But at the same time, I think that'll drive me nuts all day with two bored kids by myself, so I've been half-heartedly racking my brain for what we could do today. Ideas so far:
  • library
  • take the kids out somewhere and attempt some sort of "photo shoot"
  • finish packing away from garage sale while kids play outside
  • trip to walmart for pumpkins, spray paint, I need new socks now that the weather's truly cooler
  • the zoo
Who knows where we'll end up.
Right now we're sitting in front of the tv (or in my case the laptop) watching Scooby Doo while I decided on an alternative recipe for the pot roast I'm trying to get into the crock pot since I'm apparently fresh out of any french onion soup packets.

My kids are watching Scooby Doo. I never thought my kids would be watching Scooby Doo at this age. I've never cared for Scooby Doo and while I think it's fine for older kids, it's a great classic cartoon, I've just never felt comfortable with it when it comes to preschoolers. Like my almost three year old. I know it's a harmless cartoon; I know there are no real monsters, that it's just masks and costumes and the kids see that at the end; I know
But it's still monsters and scary creatures and scary situations the gang is in and even tho it always turns out at the end, I just don't think my small children need those images and situations in their minds. They make up enough bad guys and monsters in their imaginations, they don't need more prompting on that or new images planted in those heads to have bad dreams about. Savannah's quite worried about the gang and the "cyber chase monsters" as we speak.
We were at a birthday party recently (with a three year old obsessed with Scooby Doo) and Sawyer found the Scooby Doo candle, balloons, plates and such quite charming, and has been talking about Scooby-dooby-doo ever since. (And he says it so cute!!).
There is absolutely nothing else on tv this morning but I found a Scooby Doo marathon on (lots of Scooby Doo marathons for halloween!) so I thought I'd see how the kids reacted to it. Sawyer keeps telling me, "I no like dis Mom!", but he's glued to the screen. Savannah's just left to go write in her journal. So much for Scooby Doo fans in this house.

We've been having family movie nights on Sunday evenings the last few weeks. We have an airmattress blown up on the floor of the "family room" in the basement and we all snuggle in on the bed and/or comfy couch and watch a good old movie together. Recent movies have been Muppets Wizard of Oz, Hans Christian Andersen, and last week was Annie., which both kids absolutely loved. Sawyer was dancing around for days after that singing "tomorrow, tomorrow".
I don't have a movie in mind yet for tonight... any suggestions?

Boy am I rambling aimlessly today or what?

Here's a more focused point for a post. Anyone who knows me knows how incredibly indecisive I can be. Well, I finally bought something for the wall space above our bed. Remember how I couldn't decide what to do with that wall?? Well, I found online something at Pier 1 that I loved and I used some garage sale money to go get it. Only when I got to the store I realized what I wanted was too small for that space. So I found a different something. And then I found this other thing that I fell in love with. It's a-- well, I'll just show you:

It has the black, the yellows, and the greens in our room, as well as red which is a color Ryan's been trying to convince me to throw in there. He wanted deep red pillows on the bed rather than yellow. Plus it's more along the bold and "artsy" lines like the story people prints we have rather than being "pretty" and feminine. Here is the other more closer to my original idea option for above the bed:

I've hung them both up and I can't completely decide which one I like.
What do you think? Is the word dream too cheesy to have hanging above your bed? Does it need to be hung lower? Would the bigger flower thingie be better? Which do you like?

Oh, and one more completely random thought to add to this completely trivial post while I'm at it:
I One really should not buy Halloween candy to hand out -or at least a kind that I one likes- two weeks before Halloween. I One needs only buy it the day of. Otherwise I One just might be buying more on the day of anyway!


Nicole said...

I really like the Dream sign but I LOVE that flower thingy too... My opinion... the dream sign is too linear to go above your bed... everything seems horizontal. I think the flower thingy would look awesome above your bed b/c it kind of has that whimsical/feminine look along the lines of your bedspread (not saying your room is too feminine... the bed and furniture make it look a bit more masculine). Is there anywhere else in the room you can move the dream sign too?

Where did you get the flower thing... I need something for my hallway upstairs!

Nicole said...

LOL... I just re-read your post and you liked the sign b/c it WAS NOT feminine LOL! Well, there goes my vote HAHA!

HEY! When are you posting pictures of your bathroom? Next year?!?!

jenny said...

i LOVE the dream sign, but i think nicole is right - the flower thingy would go more with the 'look' of the room. is there a bigger shelf or wall where you could place the dream sign? i don't feel like i'm much help - but i don't think you can go wrong. i love your room!

Heather S. said...

Have you watched Charlotte's Web - the old cartoon version? My girls love it! We have also watched the newer one with Dakota Fanning - also a favorite.

Michelle Leigh said...

I personally love the dream sign! It's awesome! Now I want one.

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