Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm proud to say I've done really well so far this month in the no-spending arena.
Other than the few things we had already planned on buying with our garage sale earnings, I've only had one non-grocery shopping excursion:
I went to Target.

I know. Spending suicide, if you ask me.

But I had to go; we'd been talking about getting SJ a new car booster seat for the second car and Target had the one we wanted on sale ($15 --score!!). So I went and grabbed that and got a few grocery/household things I needed to cross off my list and didn't even look through clothes or shoes or anything else tempting.

Okay, I did buy myself a Pumpkin Gingersnap soy candle that smelled soooo good. And was feeling guilty about it all the way home... but that guilt melted away when I lit it in my kitchen and realized how long it had been since I had a really great smelling candle and it just made the afternoon feel so cozy and happy and I decided it was a wise purchase.

I also popped next door to Michael's to replenish our running low for way too long poster paint supply for some kids' crafts. I just can't make it through a holiday month without kids' crafts! I spent $4 on four huge bottles of tempera paint. Score again!

So, we're halfway through the month and I've spent approximately $16 on non-necessities.
*$31 if you include the non-necessity luxury of having a second car seat. Which for $15? How could we pass it up?
Pretty good, no??

Anyone else not spending this month?


jen said...

Reading your posts on the spending freeze is making it glaringly obvious what a spending addict I am. Even if it's just a $2, I always feel the need to get something just for me, or just for one of the kids. It's total therapy for me. Thanks for causing me to think more about what I'm spending. I, too, may go on a spending freeze.

jenny said...

spending suicide - lol!

i say the seat was a must. seeing you only got a candle for yourself - i would say the risk you took going into target turned out okay. :)

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