Monday, June 9, 2008

diy decorating edition

I had a few girls mention that they wanted details on the wall words I did in my dining room. Thanks for the complements on it but really, it didn't take any talent... a steady hand maybe, but not the great handwriting many of you think I apparently pulled off on my own! Um, it's called a computer and a printer, tracing and coloring in.

Here's what I did;
step 1- picked a font I wanted... you can always find lots of free fonts to download online. The words I painted are actually a combination of two fonts together to get the casual but flourished lettering. I typed out my phrase in Word and printed out a couple of different sizes to see how big I wanted it on the wall. Turned out I liked the overall height of my phrase right under 5 inches (meaning the tallest letters are about 5 inches long). That was actually a font size of like 120 or something. I then printed out the phrase.
step 2- I aligned and correctly spaced the phrase in a straight line and taped the sheets of print together, then placed it on the wall exactly where I wanted it, made sure it was level and attached to the wall with scotch tape along the top.
step 3- I flipped up the whole taped together phrase and using a newly sharpened pencil, shaded the backside of the words with the lead. Then I lay the phrase back on the wall where I wanted it applied and proceeded to trace the outline of the printed letters on the front side of the paper. The lead on the backside of the paper makes a carbon copy underneath on the wall.
step 4- then I simply painted in the outline of the letters on the wall with black paint.
Easy as that.

Oh and hey... as a follow up to the other part of my little cheapo creativity brags... remember those Mommy calling cards I was talking about? Well look at this link Ryan sent me today. Isn't that funny?

And since we're talking decor here today... I was hoping for a little help from all you probably better-decorators-than-I readers out there. I have been itching to paint my bedroom. For a long time. You may remember way back in January when I did a little "virtual open house" around here. And I let you into my bedroom saying it was still in the works. Well, it's still in the same works it was almost those 6 months ago. It's the last room in this house to be painted. Well, there are others we haven't painted because we kept the previous owners paint palette for now, but our master bedroom is the only room that is still plain white.
So here's the deal. Originally we wanted to paint a cool blue/gray slate color. We have all black furniture in our room and I wanted a calm, soothing color. We tried a gray blue in our last house, but it turned out way more baby blue than I wanted. So we had the right color pinned down this time and I was holding off to find bedding and such to get it just the right shade. Then we found bedding at a great price that we absolutely fell in love with. And it turned out to be the exact color we want the walls. Perfect match. Except that the bedding is a solid color. And I think having the bed and the walls match in the solid hues is a little much. So my question is, now which direction do we go with the paint? Ryan wants to keep it light, I don't want to go too far in the gray direction. The pillows I have on the bed are the same silky/rich fabric as the bedding, but in a deep yellow and a medium green color. I've tried to think in the pale green direction for the walls, but I can't say that I'm liking that. I mean I do, but our bedroom in our first house was a pale gray green and I don't know that I'm wanting to do that again. And Ryan won't go yellow. Or taupe which I think would be perfect, but Ryan says no because our living room, dining room and Sawyer's bedroom are all different shades of taupe. He wants something different. But subtle.
Here are the colors on the bed.
(Okay, for some reason I can't get to my pictures on my network right now. You'll have to look back at the bedroom pics from the January post if you're interested in giving me your input)

And for some reference, here is a plaque that I made Ryan for our anniversary last year (it was for the wood anniversary gift!) that just so happens to match the colors now on our bed perfectly. It will be either hung on the wall low or on a stand on this little nightstand. (We're painting this nightstand black to match the rest of the furniture.)(Someday.)
And aside from that plaque and some black framed photos, this is the only other "art" in our room. I collect Storypeople prints and these three are currently in our bedroom:
Which leads to my other question... what do I do with the wall space above and to the right of the bed? I can't find anything that goes along with my colors and is just right for that space. I need the Storypeople coloring and contemporary style... I'd love to do something like one of their wall hangings/sculptures. But since I could never afford their actual sculptures, I would have to recreate my own version of something like that maybe using a favorite quote from one of my Storypeople books.
Doing more words on the wall type of stuff. I don't know.

Any ideas? What would you do for wall color? And what to do with this headboard wall?? I just want to get this done, but I'm stuck on ideas. Help!


Erin said...

Heather, I would choose either the yellowy-tan in the paisley on the right (I know you said Ryan wouldn't do yellow, but that's a soft yellow and goes beautifully with the center throw pillow), or the soft green that forms the frame for your picture on the framed art you made. They're both beautiful colors, and I think they'll make the blue-grey pop while focusing your entire room on that piece of art.

As for the wall above your headboard, I think the bigger problem is the arrangement of the room, though I'd have to see it in real life to figure that out. It looks to me like what you need to do is to move the dresser to the wall where your Storypeople pictures are currently, center the bed on the large wall, and then use those three pieces above your headboard.

Just be sure your "focal art" (the one you made) is prominent when you walk into the room. You want it to catch the eye first and foremost so it draws the rest of the room together.

I hope that helps. Like I said, it's hard to do when it's all digital, but those are my suggestions.

Todd said...

If you're willing to take a little chance, I'd say go with a muted red on the bedroom walls. The bedding would have to go, but I think it would go great with the dark wood.

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