Tuesday, October 14, 2008

he'll probably want to kill me when he's 14

But I couldn't resist posting these anyway...

I finally got him to put it on and not be scowling and/or screaming and trying to tear it off:

But it took lots of convincing, bribing, sweet talking, and bargaining.
The bargaining involved the fact that since he allowed me to see him in the bear costume for all of 8.3 seconds, he also got to try on Savannah's costume:

And he was much happier about that.

Erin was the first to guess right and hit the nail on the head exactly. We had settled on Sawyer being Baby "I'm a big boy!" Bear and Savannah being Goldilocks. I thought Sawyer would love it as he's been conveniently in a I want to read Goldilocks and the Three Bears book every single night before bed rut for a while now. It was actually Savannah's idea. But of course when it came time to actually try the costume on, he would have nothing to do with it and tried convincing me he'd make a much better Goldilocks than a stupid ol' bear. Grr.

What do you think??

Erin, email me your address and I'll send you a surprise! :)


K.M.L said...

Ha ha! I love it! :)

Mom said...

Ask Sawyer if he has ever seen daddy in a pretty dress.(and yellow wig.I hope he'll say NO) Tell him Gramma G said boys make GREAT bears.Then re-read the part in the story that says "there was a little GIRL named Goldilocks." He looks way too happy in that dress:)XOXOXOXOXOXO

lina said...

Those pictures are a riot! What a fun idea for the kids to be for Halloween :)

Michelle Leigh said...

That's awesome! It does look pretty cute though. So does the bear though.

jessica said...

i am loving it. he makes a cute whatever he is!

Kim said...

Oooooh he is gonna kill you when he is older.. HAHA Just kidding.

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