Sunday, September 28, 2008


One packed full of busyness weekend down, two to go!!

Friday was the last of Ryan's summer hour short Fridays, so we took advantage of it and the gorgeous fall weather to get out and enjoy ourselves. We picked Sawyer up from school early as soon as Savannah hopped off the bus and took a drive through Babler Creek State Park. We're camping there next weekend and wanted to scope out the campsites. Then we stopped at Boone's Crossing and had ice cream, popcorn and Icee's at the Target food court before heading over to Faust Park as well. We did the carousel and the kids ran around the playground forever. It was such a nice afternoon. We ended with dinner at Chick-fil-A before going home to put the kids to bed and snuggle in for a good movie.

Saturday Savannah and I were up and out early for some garage sale-ing. We came home empty handed, but it was fun! Then we packed up and left for a day at Grant's Farm. It was the best day for it; gorgeous blue skies and sunny, but not too warm at all. We survived getting eaten feeding the baby goats their precious milk bottles, got up close with the buffalo, saw a few elephant tricks, and of course admired the famous Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales. Savannah was thrilled by their size and awed with their beauty (she especially like the photos of them with their "hair done"!). She's never been to keen on horses especially, but she was really taken with these. She surprised me by being so fascinated with not just the horses, but the carriage house and all the old carriages, their uses, the fire "truck" carriage, the sleighs, and the fact that there was a "garage" for the carriages and then a "garage" for the horses right across the way. We've been through plenty of stables; at fairs, at farms, at friends' houses, and she's never been as fascinated as she was this time. She couldn't get enough of petting those grand horses and asking a million questions about all of it. It was fun!
We had a late lunch and headed home. Ryan and I spent a few hours prepping garage sale stuff and then started get ready for dinner. The Malones came over to join us for our evening meal (really, football on tv) and we ended up having somewhat of a neighborhood gathering in the backyard with a bonfire and S'mores. After finally putting all the kids to bed, Mike and Ryan finished up the ballgames while Erin and I perused the Ikea website and then we all played a couple of rounds of the Seinfeld version of SceneIt.

Sunday Ryan let me sleep in (sleeping in for me... I was still downstairs by 7:45) and then we were headed off on a typical Sunday morning at church followed by a fairly typical trip to Costco for lunch and to pick up some necessities. Then while the kids and Ryan napped, I spent some time on the computer getting a handful of things planned/squared away for both Halloween and Sawyer's birthday. I'm feeling quite ahead of the game and prepared for a change!
After Sawyer got up from nap Savannah spent the afternoon across the street with the girls while I supervised my boys washing the cars in the driveway before they made a trip up to the tennis courts to hit the ball back and forth. Now we're back inside... Sawyer and Ryan are downstairs watching football (again!), Savannah's still across the street and I'm just catching up on the weekend lull of blogging. And I should start thinking about dinner.

We have a couple more busy weekends coming up; like I said, next weekend we're planning a camping trip with the Swinigans. We are so looking forward to that!!
The following weekend is our giant subdivision garage sale. Very much looking forward to that too! We have so much stuff to get rid of. Lots of good bigger things too like some shelves, tables, and my keyboard that'll be so good to finally get out of here. Oh, and the riding lawnmower that has been sitting sadly in our garage for the past year and a half! Our subdivision holds these simultaneous garage sales twice a year and the turn out is just amazing. We've been here for two of them so far and each time I just could not get over the amount of people coming through here. I was kicking myself each time for not getting my butt organized and having a sale of our own to take advantage of the crowds. But this year I'm on it!! A little bummed that I won't be able to really shop myself, but oh well. And hey, if any of you in this area might have stuff you want to get rid of, you're welcome to butt in on our sale... it would very probably be worth dragging your stuff over here and parking it on our driveway. That's a serious offer for you locals... I know over the years I've always had plenty of stuff to get rid of but never the motivation to have my own full blown garage sale. Always easier to just throw a couple of things in with someone else's!

Anyway. It was a good, busy, full weekend and we couldn't have asked for better weather. In fact, the only thing we could ask for is another weekend immediately following this one...
Yeah. A six day weekend would be nice!

I'm going through pics tonight, so I'll try and get some up of some of our busyness this weekend!


Christy said...

Next time Ryan and I come see my grandparents (who live in friendship village- in the backyard of faust park)- we have to get together. You are so close to them! That would be fun!

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