Friday, September 26, 2008

and Lame-o is our name-o!

Ryan and I had a night out planned last night. Through work he had been awarded tickets to the party box at the Cardinals game and so we got a babysitter, had everything planned out, (and were missing out on his department family picnic) to go enjoy some couple time with an evening at the ballpark. We were very much looking forward to it.

Then Ryan calls me on his way home from work mid-afternoon yesterday...
"Um, honey? Could you go check the tickets hanging on the board in the kitchen? What time is the game?"

You see, we had assumed that it was an evening game. You know- since it was a work day, and the tickets had been given to him by work. Turns out Ryan was commuting home listening to the score of the ball game that we thought we weren't supposed to be at for another 5 hours.
Yeah, the game was really at 1:15. We're so bright we never even checked the time. Doh.

Oh well-- I was more excited at the chance to change our plans to an actual romantic evening out; the options were endless... a nice dinner, a movie, a walk in the park, a romantic dessert bar, strolling by the river....

We decided on dinner and a movie because honestly, we get to go out to a non g-rated movie like once a year. Problem was, there was nothing in the theaters either one of us really thought to be worth seeing. (Of course there were a handful of things coming out this weekend that we probably would have chosen, but on Thursday night? No. Just our luck.)

No worries, we'll just go enjoy a nice dinner and play it by ear after that, right? We know how to have fun! And besides it doesn't matter what we do, we're just happy to have some quality time together.

Here's apparently what playing it by ear means to us on a Thursday night out just the two of us:
  1. Dinner at Longhorns. It was yummy. And quiet. With adult conversation and no one hopping around the booth, stealing bread off my plate, or rolling crayons off the table.
  2. A trip to Kmart. Yes, I said Kmart. We NEVER go to Kmart, it was down the road, so we thought, what the heck? We're livin' it up tonight! HAHA! I got a couple of cute nightshirts and Ryan found some propane tanks on clearance we needed.
  3. A stroll through Kohl's. No purchases, just the ability to browse clearance racks in peace!
  4. And of course Target. Ryan drooled over electronics and found himself a guitar tuner and chord "flashcards"/charts on clearance to try and kickstart his desire to get a little further in his self taught guitar lessons. I bought a gravy boat for the upcoming holiday meals.
Oh My. Can you believe the excitement that is our date nights???

Oh yeah, and we made it home in time to watch last night's The Office on DVR before bed.

I know you're jealous of our romantic evening out. I'm thinking of becoming a date planner if anyone needs any assistance in that area... :)

Friday Questions:
1. Do you remember your first date?
2. First date with your spouse/current significant other?
3. What was the most recent date you enjoyed?

My first date "official" not-with-a-group, be picked up and taken out to a nice place like on a real date date I think was when I was 16 and I met this older guy (!) at a camp I counseled at that summer. He was leaving for college two weeks after camp and we hung out together and with camp friends as much as we could in that time. He wanted to take me out on a nice romantic date before he left. I think if I remember right, he even asked my dad if he could take me out. Anyway, we went to the fancy shmancy (especially at 16!) famous Rhienlander Restaurant and even though I didn't care for the fancy food and the fondue, we had a great time. Great time. *sigh* I'd forgotten about that guy...
First date with Ryan was June 5th, 2001 and I invited him to a comedy club with a bunch of my friends from work. Afterward he and I went up to Terwilliger Park, walked, hung out on the swings at the playground, walked some more, sat on a bench and looked out over the city and just talked and talked and talked.
And obviously I just relayed every boring detail of our date last night.

Your turn!


Ryan said...

and don't forget the perfect ending to the perfect date night...watching college football in bed! Oregon State beat #1 USC! am i romantic or what?

Anonymous said...

You sound like us. When my mom watches the kids overnight that is exactly what we do. Get some dinner and then walk around Target. It's so nice to walk around without hearing the gimmes every two seconds. Seriously! When did I forget how to party.

jenny said...

1. i don't think we ever called them 'dates' - lol! i went to a halloween dance with a guy when i was a high school freshman. we ended up driving around town for a while before we went to the dance and the tranny went out in his truck and me and another couple that was with us, had to get out, push the truck down a slope, then hop into the back bed of the truck and jump into the cab through the little window - all just to make it back to town to go the the dance. oh man, i could write a post about those days (i think i just did - sorry).

2. was when i was a sophomore in high school. i'm pretty sure we went snowmobiling during the st. urho's day celebration, then hung out at his parents house and watched old movies. lol!

3. we went out for dinner on our anniversary, then later in the evening we ended up hanging out with our best friends until way past our bedtime. yeah, we're getting old. :)

Anonymous said...

1) not really. like jenny, we never really went on dates in our hometown... there was really nowhere to go!

2) yep. we went out to dinner and kissed on my front step BEFORE we left.

3) we went to a movie (the dark knight) and then went to our fave mexican place. it was especially nice because it was tom's idea and he secured the babysitter!

LeeAnn Howard said...

Since we started doing date night 1x a week for the last year, we often found ourselves going to the same stores after our dinner too! It still is a treat, being able to shop without kids!!

Patty said...

I don't remember my first date but I do remember yours.That was a fun night.
Fist date with Jayson we went to a restaurant named Chelsea's and then sat in his car and talked till 2 am. I think he got grounded from the car after that.
Last date we went to see batman

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