Sunday, September 28, 2008

packed with pictures

For the wordy recap of the weekend, you're looking for the earlier post. If you're more interested in the cute kids (I know who you are, Grammas) here are all the pictures from the weekend....

park pictures


The great goat adventure....

"Pretty earrings like you mom!"

Patio S'mores at our house with the Malones and some of our neighbors...
All the kids:
Sawyer, Baby R, Miss E, Missy M, Savannah, Yuri
And Erin! :)

workin' at the carwash....

Look at that tongue... such concentration!

Sawyer was really so funny out there... he was taking the job very seriously!

but somehow still spent a lot of time in the bucket...


Ryan said...

it was a great "last-summer-hours-weekend".
great pictures, the picture with sawyer in the circle looking down on savannah, and her looking up, looks like our own version of the brady bunch intro.

jane said...

Hey Heather, just wanted to say I love your pictures just the other day discovered your cooking blog. How cool!! I need to try out those pork chops...yum.

Anonymous said...

LOVE,LOVE LOVE the pictures!!!! What fun! XOXOXO Gramma G

jenny said...

fun pictures! love the ones from the park and car wash! :) what a busy weekend!

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