Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sick day

So Savannah was home sick today.
And we had a fabulous day. Honestly. She was feeling a million times better than yesterday, we had the dr. visit and the drugs and were home by 9 this morning, and had the whole rest of the day to hang out just she and me :)
We did a little coloring. We did a lot of reading (I got her a new book for us to read outloud together while the boys are gone). We spent two hours napping. We talked to our boys on the phone. We took a walk after dinner in the summer rain. We washed her hair in the kitchen sink (which is an odd favorite treat for her... she loves to lay on the counter, with the warm sprayer water and my hands running through her hair in the sink. Gee, I wonder who's daughter she is? She also was telling me as I sudsed her up I really can't wait to see my friends tomorrow! Why? So they can smell my yummy hair! Apparently a wash in the sink smells yummier.)

It was a great day to just be together.
We need to get back in the habit of our one on one "dates" or have more special days like this once in awhile...

Also, I couldn't help but snap pictures of this tree we spied on our walk this evening...This thing only had a trunk that was seriously like two-and-a-half feet tall, but the poor thing was propped and tied up all around because the branches were growing out forever. And it had just hundreds and hundreds of apples on it. I could not get over how many apples this tiny trunk produced. It looked so odd. Like some sort of apple bush rather than an upstanding tree...


Mom said...

I am sure Savannah is lovin' all the mom time,and the fact that NO boys are around.But she'll miss those guys big time before the week is done.:)

Anonymous said...

sounds like an awesome day! oh i LOVED when my mom used to wash my hair in the sink growing up. i think we did that until i left for college. :)

Patty said...

It just goes to show that even the oddest of trees can bare fruit.

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