Wednesday, August 13, 2008

all is forgiven

All those negatives today... washed away with the dye on my hair tonight.
Good gossip magazines. A decently comfy sink. Perfectly warm water. Yummy smelling shampoo and conditioner. Nice scalp massage. A friendly, sweet, just chatty enough but not too much of a talker stylist (I've definitely found my girl!!). A cute short fresh and easy haircut. I love it.

This evening did wonders for my mood.
I'm thinking I may have to give up Target and Children's Place and instead get my hair done once a month. I think it might be worth it. An investment in my mental health :)


Nicole said...

Uhm.... hello... post picture!!

Mom said...

Yeah,something is missing here.XOX

LeeAnn Howard said...

Nicole said it!! Post a pic! I'm looking forward to my appt. tomorrow!

Katie said...

Yes....Definitely once a month, I NEED to do the same, for my mental health as well :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we need a pic LOL
Have a great day :)

jenny said...

that's awesome! we NEED to see this haircut! :)

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