Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Savannah and I have been to the airport and back, to the pediatricians and to the pharmacy, all before 9 this morning. We are ambitious in the morning, what can I say?

My hunches about SJ were correct... she spent the afternoon not really moving from the couch, with a low fever, complaining of a headache and that her neck was stiff and hurting her. She made us a little nervous and on the lookout for meningitis there for awhile because her neck/head pain and tenderness was a big deal. We called good old Dr Dave (one of Ryan's best buds from college who just so happens to be a neurologist) and he ran down a list of things to watch for and to otherwise keep her as comfy as possible and get her to rest, checking on her throughout the night. She also popped up with a nasty rash by the time we were going to bed.
She woke this morning with her temp pretty much back to normal and feeling almost good as new... but covered in the bright red itchy rash all over her torso, up her neck and creeping onto her cheeks.
So after our 5 am airport run seeing our two boys off, we called her school to say she wouldn't be in today (she was crushed... so upset she had to miss only her third day of Kindergarten) and got an early appointment with her pediatrician.
Diagnosis: Strep throat with Scarlet Fever. Fun.
Since we caught it so early and got her on antibiotics already this morning and she really is feeling pretty good, she should be able to be back to school tomorrow.
For now she's curled up watching a movie and I think we may just take a nap together after lunch. Then I'm putting her to work :) I had big plans for my childless mornings this week with Sawyer gone and SJ in school, and since that was put on hold this morning, Savannah agreed she would help me with some boxes and garage sale stuff this afternoon. I'm hoping she'll be feeling as good as new and it'll be a fun time spent with my little girl!


K.M.L said...

Hope she gets to feeling better soon and you are able to get some stuff done too! :)

Nicole said...

I hope SJ starts to feel better soon! That's crazy that the kids always get sick when Ryan is out of town LOL! What does he do... plant the sick germ on them HAHA!

Hopefully you'll get lots of stuff done regardless. How long are S and R gone for?

jenny said...

poor girl! i hope she is better soon! good luck getting everything accomplished this week!

MacKenzie Leigh said...

Poor Savannah. I feel for you...Jeff just started going to school fulltime so I am home all day from 8am til 930pm with Jocelyn and she just got the chickenpox last week and spots are still popping up here and there! :/

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