Monday, August 11, 2008

sawyer at the beach

part one of three of (finally!!) the rest of our vacation pics; the two days we spent at Lake Michigan...
Here are the first bunch, mostly of Sawyer:

Sawyer absolutely loved the sand. Last year he was a complete water baby... this year- a sand baby. He just wanted to dig, dig, dig.
Or even just lay in the sand watching strangers dig... :)
I kept making him take breaks to get in the water just to cool off for a minute. He would have set up permanent camp on that sandy beach if we'd have let him.
Hands down favorite beach activity?... stomping over sandcastles!
He took that job very seriously!

And more fun pics from the next morning...


Mom said...

Such good pictures and what cuties!( Yeah even the big guy )Are the pictures available online yet?XOXOXO

K.M.L said...

Sawyer looks like such a big boy in his polo and khakis. :)

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