Monday, August 11, 2008

savannah at the beach

Savannah was the opposite of Sawyer at the lake... she was all about the water. She wanted to be out in the waves almost constantly. Ryan took her out a few times so far that the waves were almost coming up over her head. She loved it! She just might be our little surfer girl!

And remember all my mosquito complaining? We were surrounded and miserable with the mosquitoes the whole time we were in Jackson and Evart. We seriously could not get over how bad the bugs were up there; either we had blocked that out of our memories of living in MI or it's just a million times worse this year. I felt bad and complainy being so anal about bug spray and mostly keeping the kids inside, but we were seriously eaten alive anytime we were out of doors. Thankfully there were no mosquitoes in South Haven to be seen anywhere. Ah, relief!
And boy did Savannah need that break! She is super sensitive to the bites. I tried to touch up most of her pictures to mute some of the worst bites, but here's the naked truth...
Take a nice close look... all her bites (and I counted about 55 bites on her while we were in Evart) at some point turned into big angry swollen masses under her skin. Like golf ball sized and bigger. She looked terrible. I honestly was almost embarrassed to put her in a bathing suit in public, she looked that scary.

Here's another shot just so you can see how swollen the bites were... the ones on the inside of her legs were the worst at this point. She was miserable.

But like I said, at least there were no more bites once we got to the beach. Just trying to treat and relieve the ones we had.
Ah, vacation memories!!!


Nicole said...

OMG her bites look awful! Poor thing!

I love that last pic of Savannah (before the bug bite ones) so cute!

Mom said...

I am kinda surprised Savannah was so brave in the water. She is getting to be such a big girl.XOXOXO

K.M.L said...

I love the b&w pic of you and Savannah. Very cute! :) I can't believe the bug bites. ouch!

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