Friday, August 8, 2008

fixed, finished and friday questions

Ah, I can type two-handed on my couch again!
The hinges on my laptop were broken and I had to either hold the screen up with one hand or prop it up at the table. Got old. My lovely husband ordered up some new parts (which involved not only hinges, but the whole back part of the "lid" and a partial transplant of the whole screen)(which, as he's delicately moving a thin little naked screen around our kitchen table he oh so casually mentions, is the most expensive part of the computer) and finally fixed it right up for me last night. No more droopy screen! No more slamming shut on my typing fingers!!

Also I finally got the rest of our vacation pictures edited and I'll try and get them up this weekend. We got one really good family one on the beach... not nearly the photo shoot I had imagined as the kids were mostly completely uncooperative AND I had forgotten the tripod that I had on my DO NOT FORGET list, but at least we got one good one. I wish I knew the ropes in Photoshop better so I could make my other good shots into awesome images. Either that or I need to learn some actual photography.... haha!
Anyway, some of those coming later.

First and foremost, it's been way too long since we've had any Friday Questions around here...
Tell Me:
What are you listening to right now, what was the last peice of "fun" non-bill mail you received in your mailbox, what is the best way to eat pancakes, and what is the worst movie you've ever seen.

I'm listening to Sesame Street on the tv while my kids are fighting over the sleeping bags they have laid out in front of the tv and the garbage man is making his way down our street.
The best thing I got in the mail lately was Savannah's class assignment and kindergarten orientation info, and I like plain ol' buttermilk pancakes with butter and syrup.
The worst movie I've ever seen would have to be Mulholland Drive. Or maybe Requiem for a Dream. Or The Squid and The Whale. Or Eyes Wide Shut. Or -oh, you wanted just one??

What are your answers today?


K.M.L said...

Right now I am listening to The Today Show which is covering the Olympics. The last piece of fun mail was 2 baby announcement pictures from friends and reunion flyer for my upcoming family reunion. The best way to eat pancakes is with peanut butter on them and syrup over the top. The worst movie is Daddy Day Camp.

Anonymous said...

Right now I am listening to our neighbor getting a new roof (bang bang bang) and Barbie whining about having to save someone in one of her stupid movies. The best thing I have received in the mail lately is my Family Fun Magazine. The best way to eat pancakes... banana pancakes with maple syrup. The worst movie I have ever seen was Saving Silverman.

MacKenzie Leigh said...

Right now, I'm at work so I'm listening to our salesmen sell cars.

The last piece of fun mail I received was a $2100 scholarship for my Sophomore year in college and my Cosmo on the same day ;) Can't beat that!

Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup are the best.

And I would have to agree that Saving Silverman was HORRIBLE.

jessica said...

listening to an oldies radio station... it's on most of the day. playing now is "piano man".
i'm so bad at movie retention... but one of the most movies that i can recall seeing is 'no country for old men'. there are lots of bad movies!

dr dave said...

I am typing from an Ipod-touch. What do you think of that?
1) listening to heather and amie blab.
2) pancakes are best on vacation
3) fight club

iPod ... Yep

LeeAnn Howard said...

Listening to Pandora- Rihanna: Hate that I love you, to be specific.

Fun mail would have to be the Children's Place order I just received in the mail on Wednesday.

I normally eat pancakes with maple syrup and butter, but love when I can have blueberry syrup on them. I should go buy some!

Worst Movie would have to be Shawn of the Dead. dumb, dumb, dumb.

Christina said...

*Listening to Tigger & Friends playing in the other room.
*Best mail lately was the box from Oriental Trading Company of pop up monkeys for cupcake toppers for Emilio's 4th b-day.
*Best Pancakes- Buttermilk Beer Pancakes (my dad's expertise) with a little vanilla yogurt, strawberries & blueberries, and real maple syrup.
*Worst movie I ever saw was probably Dude, where's my car. It was so stupid!

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