Thursday, August 14, 2008

the highlight of her year... plus notes

here she comes...

off the bus...

and thrilled beyond words that she's now officially not only a kindergartner but also a bus rider!

This was not officially the first day of school, just a short orientation and a practice busride home. Rest assured there will be more pictures of the highly anticipated event (around here anyway) on her first real day come Monday!

And Note of advice:
One should not stay up past midnight watching the olympics when one has a young child who likes to start his day before 6am.
Also One should get a clue and learn that lesson after the first few days of this happening, rather than continuing to get sucked in to the late night competitions and then drag around tired the next day, every day.

And Note of hair:
as requested, pictures...

Please ignore the deer in headlights look. I was talking to Savannah while snapping the pic.

This is a normal haircut for me. Pretty much how I've had it cut for the past 10 years. Problem is I go so long between haircuts, it turns into something totally scary different, so then when I do get in and get it cut again it feels so fresh and new!
It's a little flat here... I didn't really do it this morning, didn't even wash it, so it's just leftover style from the original cut last night.
It feels like such a Mom haircut these days.
But at least a Mom with a haircut instead of a Mom with the overgrown, summer at the pool, what-the-heck-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-this hair that I usually have.


K.M.L said... the bus pictures with Savannah. She is such a big girl now! your hair! I just got mine cut today too. :) I'll see you Friday. :)

Leslie Collins said...

Your hair looks very nice. I always love a trip to the salon...just hate paying for it.

Love the pic's of Savannah and the bus.

Anonymous said...

yay savannah!!

and, your hair looks great!

Mom said...

You girls both look great. Although Savannah appears much more excited than you do. HEHE XOXO

Amanda said...

Oooh love your haircut. Mine is cut in similar style, but your hair looks better than mine. :)

LeeAnn Howard said...

She looks soo excited to be riding the bus! How fun! Better than the scared kid that goes away crying, i think! That will probably be my son! What a cling-on! LOL!

Love the cut, Seems shorter than your normal cuts, and is very cute on you. Must be a mommy cut, because so many moms are getting it done! But its better than what the mommy cuts used to be i guess. :)

Emilie said...

Awwe how exciting! I remember those days! Love the haircut! I looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Do you think you'll get emotional on her first day? I kinda got sad there for a sec, just thinking about my 'baby' heading off to school in 4 short years:)
Cute hair!

jenny said...

gosh, i keep staring these posts in my reader and then i think i've commented and then i look and nope! errr.

so, that's awesome that savannah is so excited about school - and sad for you at the same time! that day is going to come too soon for me!

the hair - looks awesome! its a great cut on you. :)

jessica said...

super cute, school starting already?!

and your hair looks great. i love the new haircut feel... especially when someone else styles it for me!

Nicole said...

OMg Savannah is going to SCHOOL! Awww!

Your haircut is super cute. We've so got the mommy cut- I saw a zillion moms camping with the same cut or similar variations HAHA! I was like "OMG I have a mom haircut now!" HAHA!

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