Monday, August 18, 2008

super quick check-in

For I fear I will remain postless for a couple more days...

We had a full weekend, an exciting First Day of Kindergarten Today, and today I'm scrambling to get all our laundry done in the midst of other listy items to send Ryan and Sawyer off on their trip to Oregon early Wednesday. What listy items, you ask??
Well here you go:
  • laundry (don't forget laundry never got done last week. Oh joy! Twice as much to do!!)
  • wash and label and box outgrown Savannah clothes to send with Ryan to our nieces
  • grab a few necessities from the store (goldfish crackers, stickers, dvd's) and pack a creative carry-on for parent toddler survival on the plane trip
  • pack Sawyer's bag, including all his random meds and lotions, and scrounge up some "fall-like" clothes for him. Long sleeves? What are those?? This kid hasn't worn pants since April, and he's going into 60 degree weather... I forget how to plan for that!!

Plus we painted our bedroom this weekend and somehow the mess and chaos rippled into the whole house.
And surprise, surprise... guess who's not napping again today?! I'll give you a hint. It starts with an S and ends with an AWYER. Arghhh!

I will try and get back around here tonight and at least get a picture of our school girl up. She had a great day!!


Mom said...

Good luck with all that you need to get done.I wouldn't pack Sawyer more than a few "fallish" items though.It will probably only be cool a couple of days,then get back into the 80's.I think it feels GREAT!Those upper 90's and 100's are NOT good for a body!XOX

kimca01 said...

I wouldn't bother with the long sleeves, it's not that cold yet - we have pretty much the same weather. But pants, yes and a sweatshirt that way he can put it on if it does get a bit chilly.

Mom said...

Today was 68 and humid.I'm afraid there may be thunderstorms Wed. to greet the travelers.:( XOXOXO

Mom said...
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LeeAnn Howard said...

Lukas has been not seeming to want to nap much anymore. I try to lay him down at the usual 12:30, and he just doesnt seem tired. At least not until like 3:30. And then I feel its too late for a nap, especially his 3 hour naps!!

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