Sunday, August 24, 2008

he'd better stick around home from now on

Okay, so not only do my kids only get sick when Ryan's out of town, but also, ALSO, now it seems my car breaks down every time he leaves as well.
Honestly, I think this is the first time he's left home without me since he went on a trip for work last summer. During which my car blew up.
And then sure enough, Ryan heads out of town last week to a friend's wedding in Portland and what happens the very next day? My car decides it no longer wants to start. At all. I turn the key and get a scary machine gun sound. Seriously... how random is that?!? Ugh.

At least it's always been good timing in that he's flown out of town each time so that I just so happen to be here with two vehicles. (Which is to say it's only good timing until he comes back on Tuesday and goes back to work on Wednesday. Hopefully it's something easy that we can take care of on Tuesday night?!)

Welcome Home and Happy Birthday honey... you have a car to repair. :)


K.M.L said...

That stinks!!! Hopefully it will be an easy fix for you guys.

jenny said...

geesh - what gives? i hope it's a cheap quick fix! hope you had a good weekend.

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