Friday, August 22, 2008

postage due

I thought I may be blogging up a storm while my boys were gone this week... what's this?... actual free (and quiet free, might I add) time to myself? Three and a half hours of uninterrupted time to myself for five whole mornings?? I can think! I can blog! I can email and comment and read away my mornings!
Oh but then there was the small thing of Savannah being home sick on Wednesday. And then my Women's Bible Study Group the entire morning Thursday. So today! Friday! I can blog and email and read my morning away. Except that the piles of free time I was so looking forward to have turned into list after list of projects, errands and things I want to get done having said time on my own. Oh, and the fact that without my kids around, I've realized I have nothing of much interest to say. HA! Let's see... I went walking this morning (still too hot for my taste) and showered and my house is clean. Interesting? Notsomuch.

Here's something I've been wondering about.
Is any one else out there as deathly afraid of dogs as I am?
I guess I should clarify... I'm not afraid of dogs in normal everyday life. Like friends who have dogs, strangers walking their dogs in the park, dogs in the kennels at the humane society... I love all those. I like dogs very much and we're pretty sure we'll have one around here someday. (Someday when I grow out of my laziness.)
It's strange dogs on their own that freak me the freak out. I have this totally irrational fear of being attacked by a random dog on the street. I know. Weird.

I've always had this fear. Walking to and from school? Always on hyper alert for stray dogs. And then I remember when Savannah was a baby and I started walking each morning with her. Okay, so we all know when you have a new baby you're suddenly aware of all the dangers of the world and how helpless they are and you feel this incredible weight of the responsibility to keep them safe. Well, mix those postpartum hormonal emotions with my already existing fear of strange dogs. And then mix in a huge loud and mean German Shepard in a yard that we passed on our walk every day. This thing went nuts the whole time we were within is sight. Scary nuts. And I'm not stereotyping German Shepards, I love those dogs and I wouldn't mind having one. But there's a difference between friendly barking, I'm just letting you know this is my yard barking, and mean snarly vicious I want to tear you apart barking. This was most definitely the latter. And I wasn't too trusting of the rope he was on. Nobody was home all day at that house and that's what made me more nervous. When I took the baby and the stroller out, I always made sure I had a big umbrella or something and always always my cell phone.

And I still do that. I just have this horrible fear of some dog getting out of their yard and attacking us. There's a house on my regular walking route now that leaves their dog in the garage all day... and they leave their garage door open, closing it to about six or eight inches off the ground. So what?... the dog can have some fresh air?? Anyway, it's a big golden lab and this thing freaks out when we walk by and he can just about get his head all the way out under the door, barking at us the whole time we're strolling by. And I'm thinking, if he can just about get his head under there, wouldn't he be pretty close to being able to squeeze his whole body out?? And of course then attack and maul us. !! I mean, how do those owners know exactly where to stop the door where to where he can't fit through?!? Freaks me out every time I walk by.

Also, oh also!! Last summer there was this some sort of bulldog that must live around here and kept getting out, who would just randomly run the neighborhood every couple of weeks or so. Trotting around our yards chasing bunnies and looking for trouble. Gosh that made me nervous!

Anyway. All that to say that I've walked by myself the last couple of days (quiet walks!! by myself!!) and that makes me even more nervous. I have no bulky stroller to fend a killer dog off. I have no big umbrella to pop out and bop him across the nose or stab at him with. You better believe I still have my cell phone to call for help, but really how much good is that going to do?
Hmm... maybe I should start carrying pepper spray. Haha, Yes I'd like a can of Mace... not that I'm worried about rapists or kidnappers or other bad guys... I want to be prepared in case of a canine emergency.
I'm crazy.

Gee, turns out I can run my mouth (or I guess the keyboard in this case) even when I think I have nothing to talk about. Aren't you lucky!

Friday Questions---
Do you ever make up scenarios in your head for what you'd do in emergencies while out walking or running? And since most of your scenarios probably involve actual bad guys rather than rabid dogs, please share those too.
Also, What do you do with the house to yourself, What did you have for breakfast today and What was the last thing you watched on tv?


heather said...

Ooops, I forgot my answers!!

1- already rambled on about my answer obviously.

2-I have no idea. I tried and honestly couldn't remember the last time I was in my house by myself. Sad, no??
I have been enjoying a house that stays clean, watching way too much HGTV, and planning a bubble bath with actual candles for this evening.

3-Savannah and I made pumpkin pancakes this morning. Yum!!

4-I watched Miami Ink until way too late last night. I don't know why, but I love that show. I love seeing the artwork and hearing the stories and the meanings behind the tatoos. And it always makes me want to get another one.

Nicole said...

I am always afraid of dogs too... when I go on walks I'm always nervous if I see a dog in the yard and there is no fence or leash on it. You just never know. And here we are... being terrible neighbors and still haven't got a fence up for our incredibly vicious rottweilers LOL! For the most part they only go out to go to the bathroom and for the most part they stay in their yard. BUT... we need to get a fence up because I feel so rude if/when they do stray- I know they're big dogs and I know they're a "skeptical" breed, even though they're pretty harmless. But... back to the topic, yes I think abou the dog thing too when walking/running. I think of scary people as well, but I'm always nervous a big dog will run out of nowhere and chase me or bite me. I mean, what if you're near the woods or away from people? You could be eaten up! GAH!

kimca01 said...

I'm the same way! If I am walking somewhere and see a strange dog just wandering around, I will turn and go a different way even if it's three times as long. I was hoping I wouldn't transfer that fear on to Morgan and always try and be really happy to see dogs (on leashes) but nope, he's the same - not a fan. He just stands there and yells I don't like dogs, I like CATS! Which is a lie because he doesn't even really like cats much LOL

Even dogs on leashes I don't really love that much. I think dogs in general just freak me out, the bigger, the more scary!

Patty said...

1. Not really afraid of dogs but cats freak me out a little.
2. I can't remember the last time I was home alone for more then an hour and I usually sleep if I am home.
3. Mcgriddle. I know yuck but there is something yummy about fake pancakes and fake cheese.
4.About 10 min. of olympics before I fell asleep two nights ago.

jessica said...

I don't make up scenarios about being afraid of dogs. I'm just not. I probably should be if I see a stray, it just doesn't occur that they're out to get me.

What I do imagine is accidents when I'm driving. It's a little morbid. I imagine the accident, being dead, how my family will react. Just fleetingly, but I do do that.

I always have big plans when I have the house to myself, but I seem to get almost nothing done with no one here. This doesn't happen very often, though. I usually think I'll clean or do laundry or some big project, but I get kind of immobilized. I never really understand this. I think it might be because I am so used to working around everybody that I just don't know what to do with all that space to myself. I don't sleep well either.

I ate hospital pancakes and bacon and hashbrowns for breakfast. Very good, actually. Well, not restaurant quality, but it hit the spot.

I'm watching the Olympics right now. Again. We love it.

Jacob, Lisa and Charlie said...

Sooo... what exactly to do mean when you say "dogs". I refuse to fall for this a 2nd time. :)

K.M.L said...

I sometimes think of what I would do if someone attacked or a dog was coming after me, but apparently attacks only happen in my dream! (see my post)

When I have the house to myself I blog, read, or clean. And usually in that order! :)

For breakfast I had waffles and the last thing I watched on TV was Hope Floats.

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