Tuesday, August 19, 2008


both my kids are napping.
Do you know how rare this is? I'm savoring it, let me tell ya. Especially after the (no)naptime we had yesterday!!

I'm actually afraid Savannah might be getting sick. Let's hope fighting it off is more accurate. She woke up this morning later than usual and complained that her stomach felt funny and also that her throat hurt. I tucked her into my bed and told her to rest a little longer or at least let herself wake up a little easier and she stayed up there in bed for a whole 'nother 45 minutes! That just does not happen in this house. When she finally did come down, she asked for oatmeal for breakfast and then only ate about two bites.
Fast forward to hopping off the bus at noon; she ran inside saying she was so hungry, could I hurry and get her some lunch. She seemed a little shaky and flushed to me and then once she did sit down to her lunch, she again only ate a few bites. And then asked to lay down. In my bed. With me. Now if warning bells aren't ringing here, I don't even know what.
So we lay down, she still seemed a bit shaky to me, and maybe it was my imagination, but her eyes looked puffy with traces of that glassy fever look. She felt possibly warm, but not hot. She fell asleep in less than ten minutes. I lay there stroking her hair for a bit, trying to just enjoy the sleeping baby in my kindergartner, but instead found myself taking constant inventory of her temp and her faster than normal breathing.
I hope she's not getting sick, I hope she's not getting sick, I hope she's not getting sick.
But all I keep thinking is Ryan is leaving for Portland at 5 tomorrow morning and my kids always get sick when Ryan goes out of town. Seriously. My kids rarely, so rarely, get sick and it's always, every time, been timed just so that Ryan misses the whole thing and I get to deal with it all on my own. First time SJ ever threw up? She was two years old. Ryan was on a trip. And she and I were in the middle of a Denny's restaurant by the way. She was then sick for three days. And Ryan came home on the forth day. And don't forget when I took the kids to Oregon by myself the first year we'd moved, and how Sawyer got the bug that my whole in-law family had and threw up once every hour on the hour for a whole night. With no daddy around.
I'd say if between my two kids, they've been mentionably sick with flu like symptoms oh say 6 times... Ryan's been out of the picture for 4 of them. And at work for the other 2. HA!

Anyway. I'm hoping this is just my imagination. Savannah would be crushed if she had to miss a day or two of school already!

I'm off to take advantage of this quiet time and get to packing for my little dude. He's getting pretty excited to take this trip with just him and his Dad!!


Katie Mohr said...

Russ had just left days before, or arrived days after he was better, all 4 times Eliot was sick with big things: RotaVirus, chicken pox twice and a very scary spider bite that made Eliot's finger grow double in size. Why is that?!

Mom said...

Hopefully Savannah(and the rest of the family)sleeps well and wakes up just fine in the morning.You will all be in my prayers.Love you guys!

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