Thursday, August 7, 2008

playing hooky

We're skipping out on my women's Bible study group today. Normally this is one of the highlights of our week; I look forward to the time spent learning, growing, sharing and being encouraged by these wonderful women I've gotten to know, and the kids love getting out of the house and seeing their friends at church as well.
First thing this morning Savannah had her clothes all laid out... this is the beautiful dress I'm going to wear to Bible study today mom!

But it's a no-go today. Bible study wipes out our entire morning (we're out of the house by 8:45 and lately we haven't been home before noon... and our church is only one minute away!!) and I'm just not up for it today.
My list of excuses is unnecessarily long:
I had a migraine much of yesterday and my house is trashed along with only getting one load of laundry through the wash yesterday on 'laundry day'. Which wouldn't necessarily be out of the ordinary or bad, but we're leaving for Indiana tomorrow am, so I kinda need to get on that.
I also kind of have the feeling my headache may return. It's been kind of that week long variety.

Add to that the fact that Sawyer was awake until after 10pm last night. Don't ask me why. He was popping in and out of his room for most of the evening, and then when Ryan got home from soccer at about 9 and gave him a good fatherly "tucking in", I thought he was finally good to go. Ryan and I headed downstairs to the basement to watch some dvr'd stuff and when I came back up at 9:30 to go to bed, guess who had turned on all the lights in our house and was playing in the playroom like it was the middle of the afternoon? What the heck?
Anyway, he was still awake when I checked on him at 10. But I fell asleep and never heard from him after that so who knows.
Oh, and need I say he was up bright and early before 6 this morning?? So yeah, Sawyer and I spent the first lovely hour of our day fighting about whether it was time to get up yet or not.
And though the kids are currently playing nicely together up in Savannah's room, I know that won't last long.
As much as I'd love to pawn him off on someone else today, he's already the highest maintenance kid at church Thursday mornings so I thought I'd give them a break for today since I just know we're in for a little extra... well, extra everything with him. Tears, tantrums, button pushing, mischief, melt downs, you name it. This is not a fun kid when he's tired.

So we're playing hooky today.
As long as the kids are playing nicely, I have a to-do list a mile long; laundry, reining in this mess around here, a few phone calls to make about Savannah school stuff and possible Sawyer school stuff, I need to edit and post beach pictures (finally), I really want to go through the past month (month!!) of pictures and get caught up here, plus I have stuff to post here and here, and finally throwing some clothes in a bag at the last minute packing for the weekend.

If When the kids do run through their limit of peaceful sibling companionship, we have a few errands to run, one of which will be the library to get movies for the rest of the day!
Oh, and did I mention an early naptime??


Nicole said...

How did I miss this post this morning? I thought you'd dropped off the face of the earth I hadn't heard from you in a few days.

Have fun this weekend!

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