Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's been that kind of week. Again.

Ryan came home from work the other evening to find us in the backyard. I had zipped the kids into their sleeping bags and play tents out in the yard so I could sit on the patio and find some solace in this...

Pretty pathetic, huh.
And no, that is not a child friendly beverage.

Quick rundown of things irritating/confusing/frustrating me today:
  • I cannot find shoes that I like for either of my kids anywhere. Okay, shoes that I like for either of my kids that don't cost $50 each.
  • Savannah's school supply list says 70 page spiral notebook-- specifically with "non-perforated pages". I've searched high and low and I don't believe those exist. All pages are perforated these days.
  • Savannah's freaking out about a birthday party she's going to this weekend. They're supposed to wear their "favorite cheerleading outfit". Problem is, Savannah doesn't have one. And I can't seem to convince her that a skort and cute shirt will cut it. So we've been on the hunt for a cheerleader outfit... they always have the Rams or Cards outfits around here; I see them at Walmart all the time. Do you think anyone has any now? That'd be a big fat NO. No one. Anywhere. So now she wants me to dig out her cheerleader costume from Halloween two years ago to see if that fits. Tell me, is this strange? Are we out of the ordinary that we don't have a cheerleader outfit on hand? Because the invitation made me feel like everyone has this in their wardrobe and it shouldn't be any big deal. Like a princess outfit or a teaparty fancy dress. I should think if you're having a "costume party" you should probably give more than one weeks' notice! I'm at a loss.
  • Sawyer's not napping. Fun times.
  • We have ants in our kitchen and I cannot figure out where they're coming from.
  • I'm getting my hair cut this evening and I'm having a good hair day. Isn't that always the case? And I'm stressing about what to have her do with my hair. And about how much money it costs. I'll probably end up with the same normal for me short hairstyle I fall back on every time.
  • My house is completely trashed right now. How does this happen so often, so fast and so thoroughly?!?

And just because I'm really not wanting to let myself dwell on the negatives despite the mood I'm in...
A list of better things I will spend the day remembering and trying to look forward to:
  • I LOVE having someone else wash, dry and style my hair for me while I just sit and relax. Love it.
  • Hopefully the rest of the week I'll be in a better mood just because I'll have cute hair. Hopefully.
  • Savannah is more than excited about her orientation for school tomorrow morning. AND she gets to ride the bus home. She honestly clasped her hands together, squealed and jumped up and down when I told her that part. :)
  • We get to have lunch with Ryan tomorrow.
  • We may have a date night in the works for this weekend.
  • I'm excited to paint my bedroom.
  • At least I have a house to clean, at least my kids are here and healthy, and at least I have a blog on which to vent and complain and help turn my mood around.
What are your negatives and positives this week??


Anonymous said...

-I feel like crap today. Some kind of flu bug. I just ache. Not the way I wanted to spend our last day of summer vacation.
-Luke starts Kdg tomorrow, and I'm sad. My mom should be here for this.
-I have not put pictures into albums for almost a year. The worst I've ever been. I'm setting small goals to tackle this problem.

-I cleaned my bathrooms today!
-Bennett has not been in any significant trouble today. Of course, it is only 1:30.
-School starts tomorrow! While I'm sad about the passage of time and how my firstborn is school-aged already, the boys need a break from each other BIG TIME. And that happens tomorrow.

Mom said...

Oh I wish you would call and talk when you feel ...the urdge to grab that bag.Believe me I remember that feeling,having been a stay at home mom of 4.At least you came up with a lot of things to be glad about.XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Heather S. said...

-I am exhausted! Pregnancy is only partly to blame. I was up late talking to my brother on Sunday evening while in Morton. Tuesday morning met a friend of mine from Morton to walk at 6:15. Last night, I watched the Olympics until 11:30.
-My kids having also been fighting with each other
-Forgot my paperwork when I went to get my blood drawn this morning. Went back this afternoon before my doctor's appt and there was a long wait so I didn't have time before my appt. Ugh! Now I have tomorrow with the girls.

-My mom was here so I could go to my appt. by myself!!
-Doctor's appt went well - baby's heartbeat sounds great!
-Bible study starts soon!! Yea!

K.M.L said...

1. I am still enjoying summer...although it's creeping to an end.
2. My classroom is almost finished.
3. Laundry is caught up.

1. I haven't planned curriculum for the beginning of school yet.
2. My neck/back still hurts.
3. I need to clean the bathrooms and kitchen before school starts! ugh.

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