Thursday, July 10, 2008

two for one

I'm pulling a two birds with one stone thing here and combining a Thoughts for Thursday with my regular Friday Questions... I couldn't decide which one this would fall under and I have nothing else to ramble on about, so here you go.

Give me two baby names, one for each sex, that you think would be absolutely very last on your list ever. Like you would call your baby plain old Baby before using those names. Like you can't even begin to imagine how anyone in their right mind would think that name would be cute on an infant, or how they picture a toddler walking around with that name.
AND tell me your closet favorite name. The one that you would love to use if either a) your husband would allow it, or 2) you weren't afraid everyone would look at you like you were crazy...

Mine are:
Boy Worst name: Humphrey
Girl Worst name: Myrtle
My favorite name that I've never had anyone else agree with me on...


I think it's adorable. Reminds me of that cute little blond girly on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I think the name is sweet. With a nickname of Jem. I'd do it in a minute if Ryan ever agreed to it. But no... his only response was we aren't giving birth to a bottle of syrup.

What are your names??


Anonymous said...

This seems like fun. Thought I might join in...
Worst Boys Name: Harold
Worst Girls Name: Gertrude

Best Name: Amelia

Michelle Leigh said...

Hmmmm, this is a tough one!
Worst Boys name: George (just not a fan)
Worst Girls name: Gertrude/Gerty/Gert (it just sounds gross)

Best name: Chloe, Brian thinks of Madame Cleo (the psychic) and hates it.

Ferris Family said...

Boy: Milton
Girl: Hazel

Best name: Hadley (a character in a book, I thought it was adorable, aparently I'm the only one.)

Christina said...

Worst Boys Name: Boris
Worst Girls Name: Bertha

Closet Names:
(I'm into Italian names obviously)

K.M.L said...

Worse Names:
Girl: Penelope
Boy: Dick

Favorite Names:
Hmmm...I'd have to get back to you!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I can't believe someone put Penelope as their worst!! ACK!

My worst:

Closet favorite: Moira (girl); Howard (boy)

Jody said...

Worst Boy Name: Elbert
Worst Girl Name: Kathleen

Best Names: Victoria, Ezekiel

heather said...

Oh, I love all these closet favorites!!
Amelia especially... it was almost on one of my final lists.

kimca01 said...

Boys: Harry
Girls: Bertha

I also hate it when people saddle their kids with names that are bound to be a problem - Morgan goes to school with Cassidy, pronounced Ca-say-dee.. ugh!!

Julie C said...

Worst: Rudolf and Arvazena (I actually have an aunt with this name.)

closet favorite: Cale
I wanted to name my 3rd son this but I got such negative reaction that I named him Caleb instead thinking I'd nickname him Cale. For some reason I never did start calling him Cale and now he won't allow it. (he's 13).
My all time favorite boys name is the name of my middle son - Garrett. (Sorry Christopher and Caleb - the middle child has to get the best of something)

Nicole said...

Oh fun topic!!

Worst Boys Name: Gay
Worst Girls Name: Bertha

Some of the other "worst" names are interesting. I know a little Penelope and she's adorable. And I also know a Hazel, too... and the name fits her perfectly. Its funny how some people have different perceptions on "horrible" names LOL! I like this topic! Fun to read.

My secret closet names... hmmm... I wouldn't say "secret" but if hubby would go for it.... (girl) Selah and (boy) Sullivan. I'm sure I could come up with many other "no-go" names that Ryan would veto that I love.

(oh sheesh...look at my novel!)

Ryan said...

worst boys name: Xander
worst girls name: jemima (sorry heather) or maybe mulva
i love miles or cole for a boy (sawyer would be a good cole), and for a girl maybe Kali/Cali

now i am hungry for pancakes after all that jemima talk

Christina said...

I know a Jemima and people call her Jemi for short. I think it is actually kind of cute.

jenny said...

i've been thinking on this...

worst boys name: guy or elvis
worst girls name: ida or barbie

names i love: makayla, maggie or charley (girl) and landon, ethan, or owen (boy).

kimca01 said...

Oh had to come back to post my secret closet name for a girl - Rio. I think it's so cute but can't really see myself having a Rio. Same way I loved the name Everleigh but knew it would never happen. (Plus, it sounded too much like Beverley LOL)

MacKenzie said...

Worst boy name: I'd have to agree with Dick. Oh man, the teasing would be unbearable.
Worst girl name: Mary Ann or Mary Ellen (all I can think about are old people, lol)

My fav girl name that got vetoed when Jocelyn was born: Adrie Anne. Like Adrianne but can be shortened to Adrie.
And my fav boy name is Dominic. But there is no shortening it to Dom. Bleh.

jessica said...

this is fun!

worst girl: minta (we called our baby minta for a while as a joke in utero)

worst boy: guy (pronounced gee with a hard "g")

best name: evelynne right now... my next girl!

Patty said...

worst boy name: Dartanian
worst girl name: Prudence
Favorite girl name Ryan
Favorite boy name Ivan

Tracy said...

For the worst...
boys: definetly Dick. My dad's name is Richard and my grandma still calls him Dickie.

girls: Bertha

My closet favorite name would be Clementine.

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