Monday, July 14, 2008

full house

I seem to be in this bad habit of just jumping off the face of the (blog)earth each and every weekend now, don't I? Where'd Heather go? Oh, don't worry, you'll see her again on Monday!

Well, I have decent excuses this past weekend, seeing as how our house has apparently turned into a Bed and Breakfast of sorts!!
As of last Thursday, we had no plans for this past weekend, whatsoever. I had even tried to make plans, looking for last minute campgrounds or finding a place to hike or even looking for Six Flags deals. Then it turned out that Mike and Kasey wanted to hang out and crash at our place before leaving on their vacation for the week, so we met them out for lunch on Friday and brought them back home with us for a lounging afternoon of games, bbq, beverages, and more games. We stayed up way too late and had a blast. Then we lounged around more on Saturday morning, before Mike and Kasey took off around noon.

After they left, we napped here and then packed up the kids and wandered around the mall with them for a bit. Nothing all that exciting, just some laid-back, do nothing together kind of family time. We later put the kids to bed early and had an in-home date night with an excellent dinner of grilled steak and shrimp followed by a movie.

Oh, and I believe it was sometime during our mall outing that Dr. Dave (as we like to call him) called Ryan and asked if we wouldn't mind he and Aimee and the boys stopping in for a visit on Sunday on their way to camp for the week. Of course, we'd love it! We were delighted to entertain them for the evening just the previous week, when they were driving through town from Indiana to Dave's hometown in Kansas, and we were surprised to see them again so soon! We're hoping to see a lot more of them, now that they've moved just over three hours away from us AND we're in their direct path whenever they make the trip to KS. Even if it's last minute like the past couple of visits!!
Anyway, so they showed up Sunday afternoon, we spent some time outside playing around and catching up before once again sending the kids off to bed and enjoying a nice indulgent, peaceful "grown up" meal. Chinese take-out! Then once again we stayed up way too late, talking, playing games, talking, playing games and talking some more. And once again we lounged around all morning (well, poor Ryan had to go to work!) before eventually sending the Robertsons on their way.

I so wish good friends like the ones we got to spend time with this weekend were closer, permanent neighbors of ours. But I am so, so glad that we have a home large enough and inviting enough that good friends like these know they can stop in and stay with us anytime!! I just love having a houseful of people and especially to get to spend time with the people we don't get to see as often as we would like.

So who wants to make the next reservation??


Mom said...
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Mom said...

Having trouble,so I wil try again. I said...What no takers?? I guess most don't make plans as far in advance as we do.We love staying at your "bed & breakfast",although we get much more.I especially like the wake up service.(the little cutie(s)that come in our room) XOX

Katie said...

I too just LOVE it when my friends from out of town stop by just to say's SO much fun when you can get together with old friends or new friends that you don't get to see that often:)

Hopefully, you guys might stop on by for a sleep over at our house while your in town with the Barczak's, we would just LOVE to have you! We have a bedroom ready if you would like, if you get a chance.....

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