Thursday, July 10, 2008

better late than never

Quick! Before the new weekend's here!
I know we're all past caring, but for posterity's sake here's a rundown of our holiday weekend last weekend... and the limited amount of pictures I took.

Happy Fourth of July with a fabulous barbecue at our house (with waaay too much good food and homemade cherry pie) with the Swinigans and the Malones, followed by a trip to the Freedom Festival where the kids had a ball with bounce houses and rides, and back home to our block party to watch local fireworks (of which I have no pictures... boo!).

Project Sandbox

Yuri Malone's first birthday party luau at Tower Groves Park


K.M.L said...

Very cute pics! :) Ryan looks right at home in the teacup! :)

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