Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We finally set some dates for a trip to MI and I've been biding my time ever since 'til I could see that trip in the 10 day weather forecast.
So now that time's here and it looks like for almost the whole time we're up there and visiting in Jackson, and at least definitely for the three days we were going to spend up in Evart on the river, it's supposed to be cool with thunderstorms. Of course.
We're also taking a couple days on the way home to stop and stay at the beach of Lake Michigan. The forecast for that part of the trip as of now? Sunny and 70's. Which is great weather... just not what I would ask for in wanting to spend two days on the sand and in the water. Ugh.

I just keep reminding myself how unpredictable Michigan weather can be (isn't it everywhere these days?!?) and we could luck out and get some surprise summer heat for our days at the river and the lake.

I need to get packing soon. This trip is taking some extra planning and organizing skills because we're trying to drive with our little car instead of the 4Runner; trying to do this trip as frugally as possible and all that. But all I keep thinking is that Kasey and I had that car full for our four day trip to Chicago. This trip is twice as long with twice as many people... and I'm used to twice as much room, as we normally take family trips with a full SUV.
I hope the gas money saved is worth the sanity lost in those close confines with my kids for 16 hours round trip. Wish us luck!


K.M.L said...

I hope when you do get up there, the weather cooperates!!!! Good luck with packing the car...I'm hoping you guys can do it!

Amy said...

Wow - that's a lot of traveling. We are embarking on a two hour trip this weekend for two weeks. We are taking the truck - but I still want to keep it simple and pack light.

Amy said...

I almost forgot - have a great trip!

Mom said...

Well,no matter the weather,you will have a great time.Hope for the best. XOXOXO

jenny said...

oh - sounds like a fun trip and i'm sure the weather will work out! good luck packing - i find it hard to pack light no matter how many days were are going to be gone!

Heather S. said...

Have a great time!! I hope the weather ends up being great!!

Nicole said...

Its hot and muggy today.... I heard it was supposed to be really hot this week... so its cooling down this weekend? YAY! LOL... although I'll hope for some warm weather when you guys are up in Evart and Lake MI.

Good luck on the drive here in the car. eeek!

Nicole said...

ps... earplugs, dvd player and a pre-mixed bottle of rum and coke might help you on the way HAHAH!

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