Tuesday, June 10, 2008

show girls

Mmmm... I'm loving this morning! Having it cool off at night makes all the difference in the world. To be able to open the windows and get cool fresh air in here... rather than the nighttime humid low of 77 we've been having already. Ick. Now if it could just cool down to the low 60's like this every night...

I forgot to have Ryan do Savannah's video last night. So pictures will have to do for now. And there's nothing great about the pics... we're not allowed any flash photography during the rehearsal (and no cameras whatsoever at the actual performances) and it obviously was a dark and we were halfway back the auditorium. Yeah, good luck with those pics. But here's a couple from the rehearsal anyway.
First I should say this isn't like a regular frilly ballet class... Savannah's class this past school year was a combination Creative Dance and Tumbling class. She loved it. I think she favors the Tumbling over the Dance... well, she likes the creative dance and routines, she's just not so smitten with any actual ballet she learned. She's definitely more of a tumbling girl.
So here are some shots from their dress rehearsal:
Savannah's the third one from the left in these

And on the far left in this one, ready to tumble!

I'll try and get the video of the rehearsal up to share soon. She did absolutely awesome at both shows! She knew her routine and was right on top of everything with a big smile on her face. She and her great friend Norah were partners for their routine and so that was really special. Here are a couple of pics I tried to take of the girls after their performance on Saturday. (Don't be offended by the horrendous stage make-up! hehe)

And we took Savannah out for a celebration dinner after the show on Saturday just for fun!

We love any excuse to visit Max & Erma's (and their Ice Cream Sundae Bathtub Bar!).


Amie R. said...

The main thought in my mind while reading this post...."I am in a house full of testosterone!"

Off to go paint my nails and put on a pink shirt!

jenny said...

i love her costume! she's too cute! i'm sure the video is darling. that's weird they won't let you bring it into the actual performances - i mean, aren't those the memories you want to capture of your kids? huh.

glad you are having a good morning! :)

Debbie said...

So cute! It looks like Savannah had a lot of fun! Can't wait to see her dance for me in person.... :-)

Love, Mom/Grandma Debbie

Anonymous said...

Glad(and a bit surprised) to hear that Savannah performed so well on the big stage!!Yea Savannah!!!But I definately think she is prettier without the makeup.XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Gramma G

Nicole said...

Awww she looks so cute- gaudy stage makeup and all!

Christina said...

Savannah looks stunning! Also, I think it is good to expose kids to more high energy dancing first as well. Ballet takes a lot of control, discipline and can come across BORING at first to little dancers. I didn't realize how helpful ballet was and really start focusing on it a lot until I got in more advance tap/jazz classes and it helped me improve overall. While they are young just have them do fun stuff like jazz and tumbling, etc.

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