Monday, January 28, 2008

virtual open house

Kim has been posting pics of her new house and I just love that stuff. I love peeking into other people's homes and how they live, how they decorate...
Kim also asked for others who wanted to share pics of their rooms and I think that is a great idea!! I love that site Rate My Space where people share pics and decorating ideas from their homes. I can get lost browsing through rooms and rooms seeing all the different styles and ideas. I think we should all have a little show and tell!!
So I'll kick it off. Here's my house... I happened to have previously posted some shots already, what with having moved in just six months ago, so I'll just link to those pics of rooms I've shared before. Also, here are pics from when we first moved in, if anyone's interested in befores/afters.

First, the main floor...
you walk in the front door to this:

to your right will be the playroom (previous owners remodeled a formal living room into a bedroom with closets and storage and french doors)

and to your left is the dining room

walking towards the back of the house from the dining room, you pass the half bath

(here's Sawyer coming out of the bathroom)

and into the kitchen, pics here.

then the family room is on the other side of the half wall by the kitchen table

no, we haven't done the fireplace yet, and I'm still slowly looking for window treatments, throw pillows, lamps and other accents to get some color in here. What color, you ask? Burnt reds, oranges and a touch of greens to tie in the kitchen. Similar to this brown pillow.
Anyway, then you'll complete the circle to back to the front entryway

Now upstairs is a big open landing.

I didn't take a good picture of it, but I want a smaller side table here or a shelf instead of this old sideboard table. I was just going to paint this and do something fun with it, but it doesn't seem to fit here to me.
Anyway, this is the view from our bedroom door:
Sawyer's room is on the far left, then the main bathroom and Savannah's room (pictures of these two at the end of this post), and the guest room is the door on the right.
Here's a quick shot of the guest room.

and here's our bedroom, the current work in progress (which I'm sure I'll be asking for advice on in the near future)... almost all done except for paint

and towards our bathroom (it's a pigsty, so no pics in there!!)

and finally, our basement

Hopefully one day we'll get actual walls and carpet down here...

We have a lot of plans, which translates to a lot of $$, which translates to *someday*.

but someday they'll be built-ins all over here for the media/office stuff

and a wet bar over here with the pool table

And a guest bedroom and bathroom on the other half, which is currently full of boxes.

And that's it! That's our home sweet home.
Anyone else want to share??? I want to see!


Mary said...

I love the layout of your house! I love how the kitchen and family room are open and I just like the flow of the first floor. And I like your style :) We live in a shoebox right now! We own a two-family house and we live on the first floor and have a tenant above us. I can not wait to have a single family house!

Kim said...

oh, YAY! i'm so glad you took me up on it!! i LOOOOOVE your house. your bedroom is gorgeous - i love that furniture!! ahh, you've inspired me to clean and organize tonight. :)

K.M. Laughlin said...

I love it! maybe I'll post some pictures soon. Thanks for the tour!

jenny cook said...

i love your house. i love kim's house. i love the black furniture! great colors! i'm thinking about posting shots of my house - even though we are always in a construction zone it seems...

LeeAnn said...

What a great looking house!! You did a great job narrating and I felt like I was right there walking through it! :) Maybe I'll get around to posting pictures of mine.. I guess I better clean it up some more!! LOL!!

Happy Days said...

I just love your house!!!

Amy said...

what a beautiful home. i like you decorating style. i like how your home seems new. where we live it's rare to find a new or newer home! needless to say we are faced with many updates!

Anonymous said...

Loved the house pictures! As I mentioned, we love going to open houses, and this felt like I was there! Unfortunately, O'Fallon is too far from downtown for us, where my husband works. But I love how nice and new everything is out there! See you Sunday, right?

Michelle Leigh said...

What a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing. I think your bedroom is great, way better than ours. That is one room that we have neglected to "decorate". Oh well, someday!

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