Sunday, May 18, 2008

weekend wind down

Sunday night. The weekend's gone already?
It was a full weekend (nighttime included) and it's gone too fast. I just want another day to hang out and relax... I guess isn't that almost always how it is come Sunday night?

I have to say, this weather has just been perfect. It makes for perfect weekends in my mind, no matter what you have going on. Upper 70's and sunny and perfect.
And as far out as the forecast goes, it's supposed to be like this. I am in heaven.
I've heard before that spring in St Louis is the best... I'm sold.

We were at a barbecue tonight with our small group from church and we had such a good, relaxing, hang out time with everyone. All the kids ran around forever; jumping on the trampoline, playing in the tree house, playing with the dogs, playing ball, being pulled along in a wagon behind the tractor. (Seriously, their yard is awesome! The kids and I may be making a few 'field trips' over to hang out with you this summer Julie!) And let me tell you, having young teens in the group to entertain and mind the little kids while the adults sit and eat and talk... it rocks! We had a great time. The ribs were great, the company was great, the weather was great. It made for a good Sunday evening.
It's always nice to start the week with a smile on your face.
And with a week full of sunshine on tap!
Hope you find a little sunshine in your week ahead wherever you are!


Kristi said...

Glad you had a nice weekend!

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