Saturday, April 26, 2008

productive day!

So I didn't get my butt in gear in time to have the garage sale. I decided this weekend was better spent at this point enjoying a little bit of nothing to do. Oh well. Our subdivision does it twice a year... once in the spring, once in the fall. We could do it anytime we want, but the draw of so many houses doing it in the same weekend... our subdivision is big and it's famous for it's garage sales and it's obscene the amount of people that come through here. Our neighbors across the street had a sale and I'd say there were, at minimum, at least three cars parked out front at all times, sometimes as many as ten. That's not counting one sale around the corner and three more down the street. Our corner was absolutely insane for all of yesterday evening and today.
So we're aiming for the next one in the fall. It'll give me plenty of time to filter out more stuff we don't need!

But because we didn't have our own sale, that means I got to do some shopping myself!!
The highlight of our excursions?...
six dining room chairs for $50!!
This great deal is a huge deal to me because we have totally been looking for black dining chairs. When we bought our new table this past winter (pic here for reference), though our table can seat up to 12, we only bought four chairs as they were so expensive (extra chairs were going to cost us about as much as the table itself!!). I told myself that really all we needed on a regular basis were four chairs for the four of us and I could take my time in keeping my eyes out for a better deal on extra chairs for the many dinner guests we like to have here. Most of my intention of going to Ikea last month was about getting chairs; I knew they had great prices on them and the ones I had my eye on were actually only $20 apiece. However, when I got there I chickened out, thinking our dining chairs were so big and solid that the Ikea ones would look funny and cheap next to them. I decided to keep shopping Craigslist and garage sales and other furniture sales and if I hadn't found anything by my next Ikea trip I would get those, but they had turned into kind of a last resort. Well, you know how hard it is to come across secondhand dining chairs without the table?? And do you know how much harder it is wanting real, good, solid dining chairs for cheap?! Chairs that are normally $100 apiece? I didn't hold out much hope.

So when I came across these today at one of the garage sales....

I was elated!! Four of these above, plus two captains chairs with the arms; six chairs! for just $50! And they are heavy, solid chairs in great condition. I'll re-cover them, but they are exactly what we've been looking for! For less even less than I had hoped for!! That just totally made my day.

Also today;
-got caught up on more yardwork
-got caught up on all my other blog endeavors (finally on the pics, I know!)
-got caught up on some rest and relaxation just enjoying my family

Yay for productive (in a relaxing way) days!


Anonymous said...

WOW! That is very exciting! That's enough to keep you on a high for a bit! I would be giddy for at least a solid week! :)
Amie R.

jenny said...

that is an awesome find! glad you got things caught up and were able to relax a bit too! :)

K.M.L said...

That just means when we go to IKEA this summer, you can get something else! yeah!

jessica said...

you are way ahead of me. yard work AND r&r? wow, you are my hero! and nothing is better than a good "steal" deal.

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