Thursday, April 24, 2008

who's my little crabcake?

Sawyer's my little crabcake!

I just wanted to brag on one of the $2 shirts I snagged in the fabulous sale over here. (outlet prices are marked down an extra 50% + there's a code for another 15% off)

I really have been calling him Crabcake all day though!

Or you can just call him Egghead...

Goose-egghead, that is.
Again. A la our playground outing yesterday.


Anonymous said...

OWWW! Kisses for Sawyers "egg"head.XOXOXXOXOXOXOXOX GrammaG

kimca01 said...

HAHA Morgan and Sawyer match!!! Morgan's is now just yellow though - these boys!

Happy to say I'm actually from Victoria on your reader thing today - woo hoo, it got it right!

I'm so jealous of that outlet sale from TCP - they don't ship to Canada.. GRR! It's SOOOO cheap it pains me not to be able to buy anything!

Anonymous said...

You have got to make that kid wear a helmet...always! :)
Amie R.

jessica said...

oh wow that's a colorful egg mess on his head! ooooowww!

Zoe said...

i love his shirt and i just want to give his head a big kiss!

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