Monday, April 28, 2008

april showers


weeds that grow like... well, like weeds. We are being attacked by Dandelion plants. Our front yard is insane. And it completely crept up on us; and has gotten completely out of hand. Ryan sprayed a bunch this weekend, so hopefully we can get ahead of these weeds.

grass that grows like... well, like weeds. Honestly, Ryan mowed on Friday and it's already looking like it needs another once over.

May flowers. Except that most of the flowers are already here and now it's supposed to freeze tonight. Crazy mid-west weather. And May! Is this week already!! I was doing my weekly menu and had to double check that this week did in fact move us into the month of May. Unbelievable.

a funky mood for mommy. Seriously. I don't know what my problem was yesterday except to blame it on the weather. After a full week of 75 to 80 degree weather, yesterday was a cool 55 degrees with rain all day. I think my body was in a depressed sort of shock. Definitely an odd end to the weekend... Saturday I had like the best day ever; sunshine, lots accomplished, lots of fun and lots of relaxing... and then yesterday I was just in this funky grumpy mood most of the day. Just wanted to sit around and be punky; as gray and gross as the skies outside. No idea why.
Sun's out again this morning, but it's supposed to still be showery and only 53 today. Brr. I'm ready to skip ahead to the 70 degrees we're supposed to be back to by mid-week. This time of year the warm sun turns into my drug of choice and I NEED it!

Speaking of sun, we walked down to play some tennis and run around the playground behind our neighborhood clubhouse -er, sorry, we're supposed to refer to it as The Family Center- on Saturday, and I guess we haven't been down there in awhile, as they've been doing a lot of work on the pool area. They added onto the clubhouse family center building to make a new concession building while hanging out at the pool. And they have the kids' wading pool all torn up, reconstructing it into a zero depth entry with sprinklers, bubblers, and water arches for the kids to play in. How awesome is it to have access to that in our own neighborhood?! Like we need any more incentive to hang out at the pool every day. Makes me that much more excited for summer to get here! Can't wait!!


Amie R. said...

How long does it take to get to your house from Evansville again??? 3.5 hours??? Sounds like going to a theme park! I might just have to drag my pregnant butt over there this summer. Coming soon to the family center..the Great White Whale!!!!

Michelle Leigh said...

Man, you would not do well here. We woke up to snow on Saturday. SNOW, in almost May! Sounds like a good weekend though, sun for you on Saturday beats snow for us!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

The weather is wreaking havoc with my mood, too. I just joyously planted a bunch of annuals in containers this weekend and there's a frost advisory for tomorrow night. That does not make me happy.

jessica said...

i guess i could look at it like we would have to be mowing soon... instead of getting frost that's keeping our weeds at bay!! :)

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