Monday, April 7, 2008

i need a weekend

Good grief, did our weekend fly by!
I feel like we were honesty non-stop for the whole two days.
After a full day Saturday, yesterday we were basically gone from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, turning around and leaving again from 5 until after 8. Sheesh. Was not exactly a day of rest. In fact, Sawyer was so wiped out from the past couple of days (and no naps!) that he was asking to go to bed for nap at 11:20 this morning!
At least it was a good kind of busy... we spent the day with many friends and lots of fellowship and at least we spent the afternoon outside enjoying the sunshine with everyone.

Now I feel we need our own weekend. But no, it's Monday and we've got to get into our week. Lot's of busy days coming up this week too. It's another gorgeous day today though... almost 70 and beautiful! As I sit here in the family room with the back door and our windows open, all I hear is birds everywhere, the hum of distant lawnmowers with the lovely spring smelling breeze wafting through the house. Mmm... I'd love to just curl up and take a nap here in the sunshine.

However, I'm in the spring cleaning mode. I wanted to run out the The Mills mall today as I have some things to return to The Children's Place and they're also having a great spring sale. But it is so nice outside I figured our day would be better spent opening up, freshing up, cleaning out and spending some time enjoying the weather rather than a long drive to a big mall to spend money that I really shouldn't. I'll save that for a rainy day.

We did make a quick trip to WalMart early this morning... Sawyer completed his first potty chart *yay!!*, so we headed over there and he got to pick a special reward (he decided on a frisbee!) and I stocked up on a few cleaning and project supplies. I finally got spray paint to finish up the metal table and chairs set I got last fall at a garage sale (for $5!!) for our front porch. And no, this is not a paid advertisement, but I also bought some of the new Clorox GreenWorks products that WalMart had on sale and I just have to tell you about them. I tried both the glass cleaner and the regular pine sol-ish cleaner already this morning, and I have to say that I am absolutely loving them. I love the smell (fresh and clean, but not cleaner smell), and the window cleaner worked sooo nicely (no streaks!!) that I went ahead and did every window and mirror and counter surface in our house! I think Clorox did an awesome job with these products... they smell wonderful, they work great, and to be able to buy more natural cleaning products without spending an arm and a leg (yes I'm referring to you Melaleuca!) is really nice. Check 'em out next time you need a refill on your pine sol or windex!

So I'm off to clean some more. I'm trying to get all the indoor stuff done so that after naptime we can just be out. I'm hoping the breeze dies down so I can spray paint my chairs, but also it'd be a good time to do a little weeding and pruning and maybe clean out the car or something.

I have a few pics from playing out in the sunshine this weekend I'm hoping to get to this evening so stay tuned for those and maybe, just maybe, I can get caught up over here sometime soon! Yikes, it's been awhile!!


Kristi S said...

I am all-about environmentally friendly products, I will give Greenworks a try! I love Melaleuca, but you"re right, they cost an arm and a leg

Anonymous said...

I guess you need to catch up! It's been OVER a month!Every time I check on the "I like today because",I see poor Sawyer sad & "trapped" in that messy playroom. LET HIM OUT!!!(change the picture please:)XOXOX Gramma G

jenny said...

i am so jealous of your weather! please send it this way! i love the sound of lawnmowers...

have a good week!

lina said...

I love the Clorox cleaner, it smells great!

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