Saturday, April 5, 2008

yada yada yada

So I ditched out on the ball game today. I decided it was too much work to figure out babysitter stuff, it somewhat overlapped with the birthday party this morning, Sawyer needed a nap today and all that. So Ryan called up a coworker to join him in the box this afternoon... I'm kind of bummed, but oh well. It is an absolutely gorgeous day today and I can't wait for Sawyer to wake up and for us to spend the afternoon outside. I'm going to scope out the yard for a few good spots to put some bushes and flowers that Aldi has on special this week.

The kids had a blast at Norah and Lucy's birthday party this morning. I was kicking myself once again for not bringing my camera. Their party was held at their church, which has a huge indoor play climber area. It was awesome. They all had so much fun. Both kids fell asleep on the way home after the party, they played so hard.
Savannah was super excited to give the girls our gift... I found them a great cookbook I was excited about and then the kids and I made the girls each their own personalized aprons like the ones we made last year for Savannah's birthday party. Sawyer was most excited about the mini whisk and measuring spoons I tied onto the package... he couldn't leave those alone! And he was so proud of bringing a present and couldn't wait for them to open it... he practically shoved it in Heather's face while they were opening their pile of gifts, like here, do mine do mine!!
Anyway, now Savannah's making all these grand plans of cooking with the girls because they all now have matching aprons. Poor Sawyer was feeling left out yesterday when we were getting those done because he didn't have a polka dot one like everyone else. He has his own great red racecar apron, but it just wasn't the same. I let him wear Norah's (shhh... don't tell Norah!) around for a bit before we wrapped it up and he got over it quick. He was pretty silly.

Kasey's coming into town and heading over here later to hang out, play some games and have a good dinner with us. Because you know, we didn't get enough of each other last weekend. HA! She actually decided to spend the night at her mom's instead of here (I think she's rather sick of me after spending four days (on top of 10 hours in a car) with me!) before we all go join the Malones at their church tomorrow morning for Yuri's dedication. So it'll be nice to hang out and lay low this evening... and beat her butt at Nertz!

Well, I need to quit blogging and get off my butt and get this place cleaned up a bit. Open up some doors and windows and let the springtime in!!
Hope you're able to enjoy a little spring today where you are!


K.M.L said...

I am going to win at Nertz tonight! ha!

Heather S. said...

The aprons are adorable! We love them! We are going to pick something out of the cookbook to make Monday afternoon! The girls can't wait! Thanks for coming today!!

nertzfan said...

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