Saturday, March 22, 2008

so we went

Yeah, my baby was like a beached whale on the couch all morning and took a five hour nap, but woke up yesterday afternoon (almost evening by that point!) with the fever broken and almost just as spunky as ever. We hemmed and hawed for about an hour and then decided to just load into the car and go ahead with our plans for the evening. It wouldn't have been such a big deal, except that our plans involved going out to the Laughlin's house which is 90 minutes away. I didn't think it was smart to go that far from home and expect Sawyer to be happy and comfy at someone else's house overnight if he wasn't feeling good. But like I said, he perked up quick after that marathon nap and we decided to take our chances.
And I'm glad we did. We had a lot of fun. You could tell Sawyer was a little more low key than normal, but he stayed fever free and was asking to go to bed in his own little sleeping bag by 7 o'clock. Savannah was spoiled staying up late all camped out on Mike and Kasey's bed watching The Wizard of Oz, and the rest of us all had some yummy pizza and a great game night with a few friends.
The Malones spent the night along with us (they live here in "the Lou" and have an even further drive than us to get back and forth to the Laughlins in Columbia) so it was like a little slumber party... although I don't remember many slumber parties with babies crying at midnight and toddlers running around wide awake at 7AM back in the day. The Malones headed home this morning while Mike and Kasey ventured out with us for breakfast before we were on our way back as well.
Got home, got the kids (and Ryan) down for naps and then I had to make a couple runs for Easter Basket stuff. I can't believe how last minute I am this year... usually I have that stuff planned out and waiting weeks in advance. Here I am the day before trying to rustle up some Peeps and stickers and toys to fill plastic eggs! I also picked up a couple of birthday presents for Savannah. Can't believe that's coming up so soon as well!! I guess I should at least start to figure out how we're celebrating in a few weeks...

Along with my last minute Easter shopping, we've of course not done Easter Eggs with the kids yet, so those are boiled and cooling and we'll be dying those this afternoon.
Tomorrow we're joining the Swinigan's after church for Easter dinner. Definitely looking forward to that and also it's Norah's birthday so it'll be an extra special celebration day!!

Hope you all are enjoying a great Easter weekend with the reflection and celebration and significance this Easter Sunday brings!!
Happy Easter Everyone!


Mom said...

Glad to hear Sawyer is feeling ok and your weekend is off to a good start. Sounds like it will be a busy but fun Easter Sunday.XOXOXOXO

Amy said...

Glad you got to go last night! It sounded like lots of fun.

Happy Easter!

Nicole said...

I'm glad Sawyer is feeling a bit better and that you guys had a good evening! Happy Easter!

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