Friday, March 21, 2008

not lookin' good

It's looking like we'll be cancelling our plans tonight...
Sawyer's temp is 103 and he fell asleep on the couch about 45 minutes ago.
I just have to tell you this does not happen in our house. In the five years I've been a parent, neither of my kids has fallen asleep anywhere in our house other than their own beds since they were babies... and I'm talking like weeks old! They have never been ones to fall asleep anywhere at anytime; they're not big car sleepers, not ever stroller sleepers, and have never ever ever just fallen asleep mid eating, mid playing or even ever mid tv/movie watching. They've always had good sleep schedules from early on, they're always well rested, they like their routines and they like their beds. Even when they've been sick.
He must really be sick.

*edited to add-- it's now 3:30 and Sawyer's still sleeping. Sleeping it off hopefully. That's almost 5 hours! I moved him up to his bedroom just before noon, I just went up and checked on him again and while he really hasn't moved from the position I left him in, he feels cooler so that's a good thing. I'm hoping he'll wake up good as new...


K.M. Laughlin said...

Bummer!!! We are going to miss you guys tonight. I hope Sawyer feels better soon and I'll see you guys Wed. night! :)

Amy said...

Hope Sawyer is feeling better real soon.

Matt's sick too!

This just makes me wish for good weather even more. March always seems to be a bummer for weather and sickness.

Happy Easter!

Christina said...

Poor Sawyer! We hope he feels better soon. It seems like so many people have been sick lately. We hope it is just a 24 hour bug like Emilio had last Sunday and that you'll all be well for Easter festivities this weekend.

Sarah Beth and David said...

I hope your kids feel better soon, but just to let you know. We have the whole birth control thing under 'control'.


Nicole said...

Oh no! I'm sorry Sawman isn't feeling well. He must be really under the weather to crash on the couch. Poor little dude!

K.M. Laughlin said...

I am glad you guys got to visit! I'll see you Wed. night to get ready for Chicago! woohoo!

I tagged you...check out our blog!
Happy Easter!

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