Sunday, March 9, 2008


That's the only word running through my head right now.
Our house stinks.
We went out to dinner this evening with a bunch of people from church (and I mean a BUNCH... I think there were 30 people in our group at Red Robin!) and Sawyer decided to do a little after dinner dump in his diaper. I "saw" him stop and do it, but it really wasn't smelly so we waited for our check, finished up our goodbyes and took a few minutes getting out to the car. We were only a quick two miles from home so I figured it was just easier to get home and change him there.
That's what I thought until we were trapped in the confined space of the car for those horrendously loooong two miles. Yeah, I caught a whiff of it as we were buckling into the car, but I honestly think he did a couple more doses on our drive because it didn't start out bad at all, but there were a couple of times in our short drive that we all got a brand new more powerful whiff throughout the car. It was honestly so bad by the time we got home 4 minutes later, that we could hardly breathe without cracking the windows. So we got home, ushered everyone up the stairs to get changed (it was waaay past the kids bedtime) and as I started stripping Sawyer down I noticed there was some stuff on his shirt. Okay not just some. A lot. Now, normally if a diaper doesn't fully contain what it is that it's supposed to contain, people like to use the term "blow out" or "up the back". This was so bad it was neither of those... I'll spare you the details, but let's just say it resulted in using a half a pack of wipes, a bathroom floor in need of mopping, a toddler thrown into the shower, and even a change of pants for daddy (yes luckily I was the one who got to take care of the other, clean, child). It was ev er y where. And the smell. Ugh.
This is almost an hour later and honestly our whole second floor still smells. And don't even go into the bathroom... I think we may be sleeping with the bathroom fan on tonight.

Besides the lovely aroma surrounding us this evening, all weekend we've been enjoying the lovely smell of cat pee as well. And we all know that is one of the best smells in the world.
We've been getting these huge wafts of horribly strong cat urine smells lately, and after searching the whole house each time, thinking one of the cats has gone somewhere, or sprayed somewhere, we go down to find one of them has used the litter box, but not covered it up. Which probably wouldn't be a big deal except that for some reason it's just randomly every so often such a super pungent knock you on your feet strong smell. Which also probably wouldn't be a big deal since the liter box is kept down in the basement... except that we overlooked the fact that it's sitting about three feet from the furnace. Or to be more exact; three feet away from the intake/filter area of the furnace. So when whichever of our lovely cats decides to leave his/her lovely smelling puddle of loveliness uncovered in the liter, it wafts right over to the furnace... and blows through our whole entire house. So instead of just having a stinky cat area, it smells like every room in our house is that area for about 30 minutes!! It is so gross.
Ryan sprayed some Febreeze near the filter this morning, it was so bad. So now our heat smells like strong cat pee covered up with fake fresh laundry.
Don't you want to come hang out at our house?

Luckily the cats are both going in to the vet tomorrow (for their fixin's). I know this might be kind of mean of me, but I kind of hope one of them has a UTI or something that would be a reason for this more frequent and horribly strong odor, because it is just not normal.
And I'm sick of the stink.


Mom said...

POOR little Sawman. I hope he gets over the humiliation of it all. I would love to come and hang out at your house thank you.But I have an odor from a cat I am currently trying to locate...GRRRRRRR.

Christina said...

I don't usually say this, but sounds like a "shitty" day! Hope today smells better for you guys! :)

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