Monday, March 24, 2008

getting ready

Three more days till our Girls Weekend in Chicago!!

Kasey's coming in on Wednesday night to spend the night here and then we're heading out bright and early Thursday morning for a day at Chicago's Ikea before the other girls join us in the city on Friday. One of the blog girls dropped out, so now it turns out the only person coming that I don't already know in real life is Kim. I'm so excited to get to meet her and for all of us to hang out for a few days!! Other than Kim, it's Nicole, Leslie, LeeAnn, Maria (who I would link to, but who DOESN'T HAVE A BLOG-- don't ask how it happened that she's joining a BLOG WORLD MEETS REAL WORLD trip... I'm a little bitter. Only joking about the bitter part. A little. Hi Maria! Can't wait to see you again! Start a blog already!!) who are all driving in from MI, and then Kasey and I. We got a great deal on a three bedroom condo in the city for the weekend and are looking forward to some time out on the town, as well as lots of bonding time back at the condo... tons of snacks, lots of games, and lots of laughs I'm sure. Probably lots of blogging too, haha! Maybe we'll blog about all of you who should be there with us... you know who you are... Zoe, Kim T., Jessica, Michelle, Christy, Kristi, Erin, Heather, and Jen to name a few, and all you other girls who travel our circles in the blog world. This year we have 7 girls going. Next year lets double that!

Anyway, I've got my lists going-- of things to pack and of things to get done before we leave.

  1. hair cut today (no I wasn't sporting a new haircut in our Easter pictures yesterday for those who inquired. I just always happen to have good hair days when I'm about to chop it again. Go figure)
  2. playdate/lunch on Tuesday
  3. Costco on Wednesday
  4. buy/decide on which purse/bag to take to carry around out and about over the weekend
  5. buy birthday present for a birthday party SJ is attending Saturday
  6. go thru and purge pics on laptop and burn back-ups
  7. decide what to wear walking around Chicago for three days in 40 degree weather
  8. clean house
  9. make sure all laundry is done by Wednesday
and I'm sure I'll be adding to that list...
Just can't wait to be on our way!!


Kristi S said...

I wish I had been part of this adventure, but this weekend starts my spring break and I thought I'd be somewhere tropical. As it turns out, I am not going anywhere but I do have a wedding for a college friend on Saturday that I am looking forward to. You ladies are all going to have so much FUN!!!!!!! Can't wait to see video, photos and all the stories of your adventures!! I hope everyone gets along fabulously :)

jessica said...

I'd have loved to join you girls too! Next year maybe?

jenny said...

i would have loved to have gone - but tucker turns two this weekend...there is cupcakes to be eaten! :)

i hope you all have a super time and i can't wait to read all about it - hahaha! next year i'm in!

kimca01 said...

I so wish I could be there! Sadly though, they wouldn't let me on a plane at this point (and nor would I fit on one LOL) so hopefully next year.

I vote for somewhere warm though for round two!

Can't wait to see pictures - you all better update your blogs regularly! (Who am I kidding - nerds HAHA)

Nicole said...

Yeouch... I didn't realize you were so bitter about Maria coming! Regardless, I think we'll all have a great time. I can't wait to get away and only have myself to think about all weekend... all sweet glorious weekend! YAY!

And... of COURSE Kim (Turpin... so you're not confused) ... you know we're total dorks and will probably blog this weekend HAHA!

Michelle Leigh said...

I wish I was able to come! But, maybe next time??? I'd hate to leave the hubby with 3 kids so early on. I hope you all have a blast though and I can't wait to see pictures!

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