Tuesday, February 26, 2008

more pampers love

I'm a bit overdue with this post... I was "overheard" bragging on my love for Pampers diapers and was then contacted and ultimately sent free diapers and wipes to try out and review on this here bloggy blog of mine after receiving my complimentary jumbo pack of Cruisers diapers and Pampers' new Swipers wipes. Yay!!

No surprise here, but as always we loved the diapers. I used Swaddlers, and then Cruisers when Sawyer was little (and then when he was chubby because they seem so stretchy and comfy...) and eventually switched to the plain ol' Baby Dry simply because of the slightly lower price. They work just as well, just don't seem as comfy cozy. To this day, no matter the "style" I will only use Pampers brand diapers. I just don't have time for the messes I've come across in my few trials of other brands. I learned my lesson early on with Savannah and since then both my kids have been strictly Pampers babies.

Normally I buy the Kirkland brand of baby wipes at Costco or if I know I'm in need of wipes and not going to Costco any time soon, Target brand is great. If Pampers are on sale and I have some good coupons I'll get those sometimes, but usually the Target brand is still cheaper. And I like them a lot.
These new Swipers wipes unfortunately didn't impress me much. I felt like I had to use too many to get the job done. I think they were too thin for my liking (even though they're supposedly thicker than the original Pampers wipes)... and maybe too silky if that's the right word I'm trying to find here? I didn't feel much of the new "grippyness" they boasted about.


Anonymous said...

a) how did you get the free diapers? just curious because...
b) i also will only use pampers, from swaddlers to cruisers to baby drys when they're older. though they have not contained every poop of jack henry's (he is one of a kind, i tell ya!), the huggies were much worse and didn't fit around the legs. the other two boys only used pampers, too, after i tried huggies and luvs and decided that the mess wasn't worth the savings.

glad to know about the swipers wipes...i don't have a favorite, and since we don't have a costco membership, i won't be trying the kirklands! but i will give the target ones a try.

Michelle Leigh said...

I love pampers too. I don't buy them though because they are much more expensive than Luvs. I personally love luvs. They have the bear hug stretch now and they work fantastic for the girls. Never had a leak or mess. I hate Huggies though. Never again will I buy those! They smell, don't hold enough pee as far as I'm concerned and they don't fit chubby butts enough! I will be using swaddlers for sure though, they can't be beat! Thanks for the review. Oh, and I love Sam's club brand wipes. They are scentless and thick, they work wonders I tell ya, and they are sooooo cheap. Can't go wrong. I personally don't like pampers wipes, they are too thin.

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