Friday, August 31, 2007

reaffirming my love of Pampers

I've preached my Pampers before. I love 'em. No leaks, no accidents ever.

Nicole left a handful of Porter's Luvs' diapers here when they left. I've used one or two here and there. I put one on Sawyer this afternoon after his nap. One hour later I hear Savannah calling me into the playroom yelling that Sawyer pooped on the chair. I wondered how the heck he managed that, as I knew he had no shorts on, but he's never taken his diaper off before. When I got to the playroom I could smell it. And sure enough he had his diaper still snuggly in place. But when he got up off of his little wooden chair it was nicely smeared with plenty of poop. It was coming out of the diaper at both legs. Yuck.

Was it an obscene amount of poop? No
Were the diapers ill-fitting? No (they actually fit better than his regular ones... I think it's time to move up a size next time I buy them)
Was he doing some random activity that caused this non-containment? No, he was sitting at their little table having a tea party with Savannah

So I am once again pledging my undying allegiance to the Pampers brand. I'm taking no more chances!

I also took a picture of the aftermath on the chair. Slats on the chair people... how do you propose I clean poop squished in between wooden slats in a chair???
But it wasn't till later that I realized I had no memory card in the camera. Go me!
So I can't share my poopy chair with you.

Here's another picture instead. I came upstairs (from tending to the invalid in the basement) this afternoon and found this:Like Father like Son... walking around with no pants on, a Ducks noisemaker around his neck and drinking from a Chick-fil-A cup.


Kim said...

i heart pampers, too. they're worth it.

Nicole said...

HAHAHAH! Your kids must have some monster poops! (practicing for burnin' up the toilets like their dad, eh?) I haven't yet had a blowout from Luvs. I have, though, had a few leaks at night but thats only b/c Ryan bought Porter 4's and I was too lazy to take them back, so I opted to use them. They're really kind of small... he definitely needs 5's since Luvs runs smaller. Pair a too small diaper with a few nights of waking up wanting a whole cup of water... voila... leaks. We have a smorgasboard of diapers and sizes right now (some 4's 5's and 6's... Luvs and Target Brand) and I just make sure I put on at least a size 5 and we have no issues at night.

Its so weird how different kids can't use certain kinds of diapers. Its just hilarious that after one use Saw-man blows it out HAHAHA! Well, I guess some kids just have expensive taste heh heh heh!

Good luck cleaning that chair!!

Mom said...

I have pampers coupons waiting for you:)!!!!!XOXOX

Katie said...

I personally am a Huggies lover...I like the feel & they seem accident proof for Little D!! Pampers will work too, but as for Luvs...don't care for them at all, everytime Donnie wears them he wakes up wet through his P.J's...ughhh, irrritating!!

Don still once in while buys Luvs, he just can't understand why we have to buy 10.99 diapers instaed of 7.99 diapers.? The next day, I'm at Target buying Huggies anyways....Haha!!

Okay, for some reason I can't use my blogger password???

K.M. Laughlin said...

How gross!!! You should have put son and father together down in the basement! Hope tomorrow goes well....thank you so much for Mike's bday cake and dinner!

jessica said...

Heather, you have to read my blog. Maybe I need to use Pampers.

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