Tuesday, February 26, 2008

thaw me out

I think my body has finally returned to normal temperature after having babies. And now I'm in shock at how cold I can be.
For the past five years my own personal thermostat has been on high... it seemed from the minute I was pregnant with Savannah, I was so easily overheated all the time it was ridiculous. I had lots of cute maternity turtlenecks, sweaters and long sleeved tops for the winter and couldn't wear any of them without drowning in sweat. I wore a sleeveless dress to my baby shower in early March. And it didn't let up after she was born either, it was worse. I blamed it on having an infant in the summertime; one that couldn't sit up on her own so I wound up with her on me or in my arms for much of the time and that made me hot. But really I never evened out when the weather cooled off or for the next 2 years before I got pregnant again. Luckily the next time the middle of my pregnancy was smack over the summer, so I lived in tank tops and barefeet and took Savannah swimming and sprinkling as much as possible. And then had a fall baby and proceeded to sweat my way through the winter in t-shirts again.

Anyway, enough about my sweating. I just always wondered if I'd ever go back to normal. If I'd be able to wear all my favorite sweatshirts and sweaters and warm cozy shirts ever again. See I used to be quite chilly all of the time. I loved to be bundled up and in fact the first present Ryan ever got me was a blanket to keep at his house on the couch because I was forever complaining about being cold or dragging his comforter down from his bedroom to watch movies on the couch. I think I've forgotton how "cold blooded" I used to be.
And now I'm not sure if I'm trying to get sick or just finally getting back to my old "normal", but for the past 24 hours I have been freezing. I never wear socks around the house, rarely wear a sweatshirt... last night I had the heat turned up, I was wearing jeans, a warm long sleeved shirt, my fleece over that and socks -and unless I was on the couch with a blanket I was freezing. And when I went to bed... I could not get warm for anything. Now today, my heat's blasting again and here I have on socks, two shirts and a hoody and I'm just warm enough. What is up?? That is so not like me. Not the me I remember anyway.

Today feels like a Monday to me. A second one. We woke up to gray rainy snowy windy cold weather and I just want to lay in bed all day. Of course this is the one day of the week we have things to get to... Savannah's dance this morning and preschool all afternoon. I really don't want to get dressed and leave the house. Can I call a cab for her?

There's plenty I should be getting done around here too. This place is not exactly tidy today and I should be putting dinner in the crockpot. So why am I just sitting here on the computer whining about how cold I am and how lazy I feel?? Alright, I"ll get busy. At the very least that'll warm me up.

Stay tuned, I have some "reviews" coming later today on a couple of things some of you have been waiting for...


Anonymous said...

I was thinking ...hope you're not getting sick,as I read your post. Then you wrote it. So I think you should relax,snuggle up,get some extra rest. IN CASE ,you are catching something.The house stuff will wait. Take care of yourself. Spring is just around the corner.:)XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Mom

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