Tuesday, July 24, 2007

and on to the kitchen

Since the family room is attached to the kitchen, and I've had a few inquiries pertaining to the "green wall", I thought I'd flow right into there...

Here's our kitchen (for now) all decorated. We painted the green and that's about it. We had bought a random set of all these "vintage" plates, canisters, and serving dishes when we first got married and they're doing quite well as our kitchen decor for now; they actually go with the green perfectly. We eventually want to redo the floors (it's actually brand new tile, but unfortunately it's peach and blue... just not my style), the cabinets (I'm not even opposed to just painting them white), the backsplash and possibly the countertops. But it's a great open kitchen and I'm loving the nice big pantry, since we didn't have much for cupboard/pantry space in our last kitchen.
So here's the infamous green wall...

I like the corner sink with the corner windows that look out to our backyard that we're hardly ever in (it's just too stinkin hot to not be in the pool).
I like having the laundry room here... it's a new magnetic spot so I don't have dozens and dozens and dozens of magnets on my fridge and floating around my kitchen!

and look! a real phone!!
We haven't had a house phone for the past 4 years.
Does this mean we're ready to commit to this house?!


Emilie said...

I love that color green! So far, so good. And I also really like the other rooms. You're making this house a home! Everything looks great!!!

Mom said...

I love all the space!!!The green is cute,you should bring some more orange and yellow in. It would be nice with the (blue tiles and )green. The corner sink is so cool. The only one like that, that I have had the pleasure to use was Grandpa Bob's beach house.:)

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