Thursday, January 24, 2008

thoughts this thursday

I have a topic for TFT that I'm anxious to write about... however, it's a real in depth thing that I could just go deeper and deeper into forever, there's still a lot of research I want to do on it, and I have to decide whether I should break it into weekly "installments" or just do a more general overview of all the different aspects of it. Am I being vague enough? haha!
In other words, I'm saving all that for another week.

This week I'm just going to let loose my random thoughts...

1- Sometimes I think I really need to buckle down and lose these extra 15 pounds. It's probably 20 now. The holidays hurt me this year. I know it really wouldn't be that hard... it wouldn't be that difficult... I just need to put in the effort and make a plan to get rid of those pounds and then I'd be fine... it's not like weight has ever been an issue for me... I just never lost that extra pregnancy weight...'s not really considered pregnancy weight two years later, is it?

2- Sometimes I think I should learn to bake and decorate cakes. I think I would like to do that... it'd be so fun to make beautiful edible creations. Just as a side hobby... to make killer birthday cakes for my kids... to have people ask for, and maybe eventually buy, my cakes for special occasions...

3- Sometimes I think it's an awfully good thing Playdough is non-toxic. I'll bet Sawyer eats about half of it at each sitting.

4- Sometimes I think when the kids are being obnoxious or testing or disobedient or flat out bratty and Ryan gets so incredibly frustrated with them, I think that he wonders how in the world we are all developing these bad habits. I think that he feels like the kids should be listening and obeying and not talking back and that that falls to my job as a mom at home all day. Sometimes I think that he feels if my job is to be home with the kids all day, that I should be doing a better job of it.
Maybe it's just me that really thinks that.

5- Sometimes I think I want a puppy now. The problem is, we both really want a Great Dane... and that's a HUGE commitment. Literally.

6- Sometimes I think Target is evil. I mean, what do they think they're doing? All the necessities, cute clothes, cute shoes, good prices, those wonderful little red clearance stickers all over the place. I think way too many people spend way too much money there. Mainly me, me and me.


Tracy said...

I'll answer a few before I crawl back into bed to fight this flu.
-weight :( I cringe at the thought of loosing weight after this pregnancy. I plan to get back into going to the rec center next year after the baby is here. The girls will be in school and once the baby is big enough we will head up there. I will enjoy the break and getting back in shape.
-Cake decorating- I love to decorate cakes!! I skipped out on doing my kids cakes this year due to time restraints but I think own every tool to decorate. IT's fun but can be alot of work and did I mention the mess. I don't think people could pay me enough to decorate for them. I think it's one of those things I enjoy doing for my family and friends. I used to do a side business for my sister's clients w/ baking. I always made some good $$ around the holidays.
playdough-kids love to play w/ it but no eathing here.
Dog-We always had 2 dogs prior to kids. We had just gotten a dog when I found out I was pregnant w/ Lucy. The dog ended up going to friends. Since then we decided it would be a long time before we had another dog. Jeff and I have a couple dogs behind us that bark all the time and that right there keeps us on track w/ the no dog rule.
-Target- I just spent over 400.00 on items that were atleast 75% off. Not good!!
Ok now going to crawl back under my blanket.

Kim said...

sometimes i think we have a LOT in common. and then i think, WHY am i not going to chicago? i really want to meet all of you girls.

Zoe said...

-i have so much weight to loose it's not even funny.
-if playdough was toxic my kids, my cats and dog would be in big trouble.
-i love decorated cakes and it would be fun but i have no energy to do so.
-yeah think carefully abou the dog. real careful.
-i have major target issues. major. i can not get out of there for less than $100. *sigh*

Michelle Leigh said...

Oh, I have the same Target affliction. It's the best, seriously my happy place.

You should totally get a great dane. I want one so bad, but I already have 2 beasts! The thing about Great Danes is, they are huge, but the laziest things in town. Go for it and post pics!

jessica said...

1. Weight. I'm working on it. I can't believe how fast I gain and how much I eat. Duh.

2. Cakes. I would buy one (only if it was cheap enough, because I'm frugal), but I don't even wish to decorate one. I am not crafty. BUT I truly appreciate the way some people splurge (with their time and/or money) on celebrations.

3. Playdough. I need to get some. Good idea.

4. Misbehaving kids. No comment. Aren't you glad?


6. Target. Do they have all of us everywhere? I think they are evil.

Robyn said...

1. Just try and do 3-10min or 1 30 min segment/s of walking/exercising a day. I've been slacking in this area.

3. I find that odd that kids eat it, I always thought it was so salty.

4. My daughter seems to turn on the charm for my husband when he gets home.

5. Stop, Breathe, Rethink.
Just as a side note Danes tend to have short life spans, will you want to prepare your kids for that. I almost wish we didn't have a dog. The hair its self is just overwhelming.
6. Target, Old Navy, yes, the stickers are so alluring.

jenny cook said...

i'm so with you on the weight. i'm wondering if you can gain 'baby weight' without the baby? hahaha!

you can't eat playdough? so much for my afternoon snack. KIDDING.

i made a fun cake for tucker's birthday last year. i think it's the only time i would bust out my own cake skills but if i knew someone that made them, i would consider it!

just say no: to dogs.

the target logo is like some sort of hypnotic symbol and i swear they are going to take over the world. oh well, i still love 'em.

the Hansels said...

We're friends with the Mohr's, which is how I got here... we have a Great Dane, he's funny - let me know if you have any questions about them!

Lina said...

I'll touch on these topics...
Weight: I lose mine & it keeps finding it's way back home? How do you tell weight to just get lost?

Cake Decorating: Not a very pretty subject for me. Probably why my weight finds it's way home. If & when I bake a cake, it is usually one that requires little to no decorating; Upside-down cakes, Carrot Cakes, Wacky Cake, etc.

Playdough: if they can get past the smell & eat it, then go for it I say. As for non-toxic, my dogs are still here to tell(bark) about it!

Kids & behavior: It is so not in control here @ this present stage, well the little angels are sleeping, but when they awake, it will all break loose again. I have no ground to stand on to comment on this topic :( Mine are truly unruly! They fight like, well like brother & sister!

Dogs: think cat... Dogs are maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. Your 2 little furry angels would be horrified & you would have to board or drag along everytime you go away. We have 2 dogs, God love them, but when their time comes-no more dogs= no more hair balls the size of tumbleweeds.

Target: Hmmm, we all have issues w/ that store. Those darn end-cap clearance shelves! Any trip to Target is ALWAYS a guaranteed hour minimum.

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