Friday, January 25, 2008


I came across this last night, from The Original Farmer's Almanac.
Did you know there are certain days which are best for tackling certain activities?? There's an astrological timetable, based on the moon, showing the best days for activities during the month. Check it out.
According the The Farmer's Almanac, I should have started my diet yesterday, instead of just thinking about it.
Also, yesterday was the day I should have worked on the potty training thing, and now today when I suddenly decide "lets all wear underwear today!!", Sawyer for the first time ever is absolutely refusing to sit on the pot and throwing fits about it right and left. Stupid Moon.

I did however, note and appreciate the fact that Castration does not fall on the same day as Potty Training on their calender.

Amusingly, I had a dentist appointment scheduled for Wednesday, but was called to reschedule due to a gas leak in their building, which led to my appointment being this morning instead. Coincidence?? According to the moon, today and tomorrow are the ideal days to be going to the dentist. My visit went wonderfully, by the way, so thank you Farmer's Almanac. he he.

Interesting facts: The publication which is simply known today as The Farmer's Almanac started its history over two hundred years ago, in the year of seventeen hundred and ninety-two. And this useful publication has been published every fall, every year, ever since. Its claim to fame includes the fact that it is the "oldest continuously published periodical in North America".

A man by the name of Robert Thomas founded this popular book of reference material. He sold his compilation of weather forecasts, planting charts, tide tables, astronomical data, rising and setting times of the Sun and the Moon, the positions of the planets, recipes, and common sense advice coupled with a calendar of the days, weeks, and months of the year for less than ten cents a copy.

His forecasts are believed to be at least eighty per cent accurate. Thomas published his last edition of his famous almanac in the year of eighteen hundred and forty-six, the same year that he passed away. He was eighty years old.

Friday Question!!!
Tell me...
What message do callers hear on your voicemail right now?


heather said...

Ooops, I forgot to answer myself!
I had to call my voicemail to hear my house message...
"Hey, we're not here right now, leave us a message and we'll call ya back."
How's that for generic? haha! I realize now that I recorded a quick message when we first got our phone this summer and have never bothered to change it to something a little.... more personal? More specific? Use our names? I hate recording those messages!!
My cell phone voicemail has had the same message on it for probably six years!!

Nicole said...

HAHAH! Our house phone... I think it just is the answering machine pre-recording that says "Please leave a message." We had it personalized awhile back but for some reason it got deleted and we never recorded a new one.

My cell phone says something about "You have reached Nicole with Nicole Barczak Photography" blah blah.

jessica said...

Ours are both too long and boring.

But the funny story is Heather's Grandma. Mark gave Marge a cordless phone with three handsets for Christmas that has an answering machine on it. When we set it up we were using the prerecorded message, but somehow Grace pushed a button on the phone and it recorded her talking to Ethan in the background and calling for Grandma. It really says nothing intelligible; it is just obvious it is kids talking. Anyway, I discovered this by calling once when she wasn't there. I told her about it, but she can't figure out how to correct it, so as far as I know, if you call her when she's not home, you'll think some unsupervised children have run of the house and won't give the phone to Grandma!

Ryan said...

i have had the same voicemail message since early 2000.
i don't like messages that tell me to wait for the beep....

Kristi S said...

Very interesting! I will bookmark the Farmer's Almanac site. I have been meaning to look into that for a long time now, thanks for the reminder!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Love the info. about the almanac! You're good! :) Our house is (I think) the same one as you guys....Hi, we're not here right now, please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can). I have no idea what my cell phone says...probably something about you've reached Kasey with Arbonne International....yada, yada, yada. :)

my3buckaroos said...

Thanks for the blog link! It's great to keep up on what you Morrison's have been up to so far away. Our home message says: (Caleb) This is Caleb, (Andy) This is Andy (Anna) Sorry we can't come to the phone, but please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks! (from the Grass clan in Beaverton)

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