Thursday, January 31, 2008

>this space intentionally left blank<

Hey, thanks for all your reassurance (and your laughs, Nicole) yesterday over my dentist debacle. I was thinking I was just a baby who freaked out over nothing, so I'm glad to hear that being surprised with your face falling off would have freaked you all out too!! haha!

Couple of technical things this morning...

**Is anyone else having trouble with their yahoo email? I noticed I hadn't been getting email notifications for blog comments, and I just assumed it was a Blogger thing. The odd thing was, I was getting some, but not all of them. Like for every five comments I got, I only received one of them in my email. Then I read on someone else's (Blogspot) blog that they were getting the same thing. Only they knew it was an email issue, not a Blogger issue, since they were finding those and other random emails going to their junk folder. So I checked my bulk mail, and sure enough, there were all my missing comments plus a few random emails from regular people that I had never seen.
Any ideas why it's doing that? I checked my settings, and everything looks good. And I'm confused as to why some of my comment notifications are getting through and some aren't... I mean they're all coming the same from Blogger, so why does Yahoo see some as spam and some as not? And then the random other emails, from real people addresses... arghhh. Just frustrating.
So if I haven't got back to you about an email, or a comment that you're waiting for a reply from, sorry, but hopefully I'll find it by digging through my bulk folder and get back to you eventually!!

**Also, I know I've said this before, but if you're still using Internet Explorer, and haven't upgraded to Mozilla Firefox, you are living in the past my friend!! And you're seeing things in a whole different way...
Ryan opens Explorer sometimes when we're sharing the computer and don't want to sign each other of of places, and I saw our blog in his window... through Internet Explorer things come up all wonky and spaced weird. I've noticed lots of pages and websites like this, so just be aware if you're still in Old School Explorer, most pages are formatted to Firefox these days.

**We're supposed to get a good amount of snow later today... up to 7/8 inches by tomorrow morning! Okay, that's not a technical thing, but I'm excited about it!!

**And check back later today for a TFT!!


K.M. Laughlin said...

Most of my comments, but not all, were going into my bulk/spam folder too! How weird? It started snowing here! It'll be coming your way soon!

Nicole said...

I noticed that a lot of my comments are going to my spam folder too. I was starting to think that no one liked my blog anymore LOL!

Anonymous said...

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