Wednesday, January 30, 2008

good morning

I think I need to start my day over.

I was just doing laundry; I took a load from the dryer and transferred it to a basket. I then proceeded to take the wet clothes from the washer, which should have obviously been transferred to the dryer, and I absentmindedly put those in the basket too (on top of the dry clothes) and took it all all the way upstairs before I realized what I was doing.

Want to hear about the rest of my lovely morning?
Sawyer was up at 5am. I don't really need to say anything else here, do I?
Then I had an 8 o'clock dentist appointment, which I was actually looking forward to. I love our new dentist and everyone there is so great and yes, I was going in for a filling, but I had just been in for a root canal and it was quicker and more painless than almost any dentist visit I've ever had, so I was just looking forward to getting it done and overwith. So I get all situated in the chair, the dentist and I are chatting away, and she gives me the numbing shot...
and then my whole face explodes.
Seriously, I've never felt pain like that in my life (and keep in mind I've had two babies, wisdom teeth pulled, and kidney stones)... I thought my whole head was exploding. A huge sharp blinding explosion followed eerily by the tingly strange numbness... all over the right side of my face. I was freaking out; not only did it HURT and scare me, but then I couldn't see and couldn't swallow and felt like I was suffocating. The dentist sat me up real quick (I was really freaking out!) and tried to keep me calm, telling me that it was okay, she knew what was wrong, and just sat there holding my hand until I stopped crying and could breathe normally to explain what happened. I told you I was freaking out.
So she finally explained to me that where she was "shooting" there is a cluster of nerves that branch out, one branch for the lower jaw, one for the top and up to the eye and one for further up... and of course if you get to where before they branch out, you get all three...
She thought she was plenty low to just get the bottom branch, but apparently my nerves are not where they should be... and she hit my whole face. Oh, and did I mention you have to break through the bone with the needle to get to the nerve? I was prepared for and felt that first ouch to get to the nerve... what I wasn't prepared for next was the whole entire right side of my face to explode and then fall off. She wasn't prepared for it either, and she felt so bad. Plus I think I scared her, I freaked so bad! I was fine after a minute -after all, everything was numb- but the whole thing was just so surprising for both of us! She sat with me and wiped my watery numb eye and made sure I was okay for about 30 minutes.
I couldn't see anything and it was the weirdest feeling... everything was blurry, but if I covered either eye, then things were clear. It was just that my eyes weren't focusing together. Freaky. Plus the fact that my right eyelid wouldn't stay up. haha!
My nose felt like it was four times too big and dripping off my face.
And I could hardly talk as my cheek and mouth had that huge numb feeling too.
The dentist decided to not do any work on me after that... she said I'd been through enough. Once I got control of my swallowing and my breathing and my blinking, she sat with me and chatted (mostly a one sided conversation, as my mouth wasn't exactly working) for another 20 minutes until my eye got mostly back to normal and I told her I could drive home.
And then drove home to tell Ryan he had missed a morning of work for nothing.
Fun stuff.

So that wiped out most of my morning. My face is just getting back to normal, and I do have some errands I want to run; I actually legitimately need to go to Target, but I'm just not in the mood. I really should, as it's supposed to snow quite a bit the next couple of days and who knows when I'll get out again. But really, I just want to curl up on the couch and take a long nap and then start the day over.

Now Ryan will be working late, and then he has two soccer games tonight, so he won't be around to tagteam the kids' bedtime. Ugh.

Sorry for all the complaining. It's actually a beautiful sunny (albeit COLD) day and the kids are getting along well and we're having a reasonably good morning here now that I'm home.
Still, It'd be nice to hit the reset button today.

And how's your Wednesday?


Annie Schilperoort said...

You don't need to apologize for complaining! I don't even thinks it counts as "complaining" if you are just retelling a tragic event that happened! I'm so sorry that happened. I would've freaked out too! I'm praying for you that the rest of your day goes really well. p/s I've been checking out different Signing Time dvds from the library and they are Cade's favorite. Thanks for the tip.

Mom said...

Totaly scarey! I wish I was there so you could just curl up & relax. Nap time for everyone today!!XOXO

Ryan said...

i'll be home for the bedtime routine, but i just might not make it there for dinner.
look on the bright side...lost is on tonight!

jenny cook said...

oh my god! i can't imagine. i would have freaked too! i'm glad your face is getting back to normal.

Amie R said...

Geez Louise!!! I would have freaked out too!!! That sucks!

Amy said...

you poor thing. i hope your brain lets you forget the pain you were in. hope your mouth feels better soon. btw, i left you something on my blog!

my3buckaroos said...

Oh, Heather, that sounds awful! I'm glad that you're okay. Feel better soon!

Christina said...

Oh gosh, I'm so sorry you had to experience that. I hope you never have to go through something like that again.

Nicole said...

OMG I feel really bad, but I was totally cracking up at your recap of the Dentist Visit From Hell. I'd have been freaking scared too! But, omg... I was dying reading that... you must have used the word exploding like 10 times and your nose dripping off your face and your droopy eyelid and picturing you trying to talk to the dentist after she calmed you down. HAHAHAH!

Ok, sorry... I'm so mean. I'm sorry your day went so crappy. You can smile knowing you put a tear inducing laugh into my day LOL!

Hopefully next time the dentist won't blow your face up. Man.. that freaks me out like thinking of going into surgery and being paralyzed but still feeling the pain? EEEK!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Hopefully you are feeling better tonight...LOST is back!

Michelle Leigh said...

Wow! That sounds terrifying. I would have flipped too. You are a bit odd though to be excited to go to the dentist. I hate the dentist, ick! Hopefully you are recovering about now and relaxing! Hope tomorrow is better for you!

Zoe said...

i hate the dentist. you totally creeped me out! btw how did you get a 4 page blogger template?

jessica said...

I went to the dentist once for a filling and the hygienist gave me a Novocaine shot, we waited and then the dentist started drilling. Ouch! I felt everything. So I got another shot of Novocaine. He starts drilling. Ouch! I think this happened three times before they just shot my whole face up with Novocaine until I couldn't feel any of my face. I got through that, but the next time I went to the dentist I was VERY tense. The good news is, that's never happened again. They had an explanation for me as well, I just don't remember what it was.

Your deal sounds horrifying. I definitely don't want that to happen to me.

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