Tuesday, December 25, 2007

don't forget the donuts

We had our Christmas Day "Homemade" Donuts again. I thought this year Sawyer would get to help (last year he was too little and napping) but since he was sick and up so early, he was napping again. He helped us eat them later though!

I love this tradition! And the secret is, it's so stinkin' easy!

You take the regular Pillsbury refrigerated biscuits (the small plain ones), you use something to cut a hole in the middle (I use a little medicine measuring cup) and stick them in a deep fryer (or a pan of hot oil on the stove). Fry them about a minute and a half on each side till they're golden brown and fish them out to cool slightly on a paper towel.
We always put the fryer outside so our kitchen doesn't smell like or feel all greasy.

Then just make them into your favorite donut! We used chocolate, whipped white frosting, with sprinkles of course, powdered sugar, and cinnamon sugar...

We all have our different favorites. I loved the white frosted ones... they tasted like the creme filling in Krispy Kremes. Ryan likes the chocolate, Savannah likes lots and lots of sprinkles, and Sawyer's favorite were the holes!

Such a fun Christmas treat!

What's your favorite tradition/thing to eat in between all the presents and playing on Christmas?


Mom/Gramma G said...

Mmmmm...donuts sure sound good.And look so fancy!!!!:)

Tracy said...

I love making donuts! Growing up it was my mom's tradition to make them on snow days. We would come in from outside w/ all the neighbor kids to a big pot of hot cocoa and homemade donuts.
Now my Jeff worries alot about his cholesterol and avoids greasy foods. I don't think I could get him to eat a donut. We used to make these prior to his health kick :)

Mom said...

ACTUALLY...it looks like there was a little pink angel decorating donuts at your house.XOXOXOX

Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

I love this! I'm stealing this idea! Does everyone get to wear wings when they make them? That's a double bonus!

Kim said...

Okay, those donuts look SO good. That is such a fun tradition! Glad you had a good Christmas... looks like the kids had a blast! I can't wait until mine is a little bit older and "gets" it a little more. FUN!

Amy said...

those donuts look awesome!!!

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