Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas according to the rest of us

We had a good morning. Way too early of a morning, but a good morning.
Sawyer was up at 5AM. He's really pretty sick with a horrible cough and he crawled in bed with us at 5. None of us ever went back to sleep. And Savannah woke up at 6 when Ryan tried to re-dose Sawyer with the Triaminic that resulted in a huge screaming and crying episode. He was back in bed by 10:30 this morning.

We had finished presents long before that and he had played with the numerous balls, cars, tracks, puzzles, books, and various toys and he was DONE. He scored a scooter from Santa and opened up a total of 4 footballs, 3 tool benches/boxes and 3 RC cars among his other gifts.
Savannah was spoiled as usual between Santa, us, her three sets of grandparents and 5 Aunts. Too many clothes, too many Princess Barbies, much more dress up and jewelry, lots of books, and tons of other fun stuff.
Here are just a few pics of our morning:


JessicaP said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Where did you find that Ariel dress??? I've been looking everywhere for a new one!!!

Tracy said...

Poor Sawyer! Lots of very familiar gifts to our house :)
Lots of dress up and way too many Island Princess.
Looks like a great day. I wish we could of stayed home and enjoyed the day with the kids.

Tracy said...

oops we also received a nutcracker. My friend Amy bought it for the kids as a reminder of the Nutcracker show.

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