Friday, December 28, 2007

blah blogger

I must say that I'm only blogging tonight out of obligation...
I'm still feeling very non-bloggy, but I'm also feeling guilty about it. And a little desperate. Like if I don't write, all my bloggy buddies are going to go away and forget about me. That and my mom will start pestering me and asking me if everything's okay...

It's not like I have nothing to write about; we've had some good days and some fun stuff going on... I just haven't felt very bloggy about it. I even had a Thought for Thursday this week, but never really had the motivation to sit down and write.

Ryan's off work until after the new year and we've just been hanging out, doing a bit of after-Christmas-sale shopping, playing all of our new games, doing puzzles, and supposedly preparing for our New Years Day Dinner. (remember starting it off last year?)
And The Barczaks arrived last night for a nice week-long visit so now we have company for all the hanging out, shopping, games, puzzles and preparing for the dinner.

We're all off to bed. Just wanted to say yes, I'm still alive, in case any of my five readers were missing my usual blog babbling. I'll get back in the groove one of these days...
Until then, hope your weekend is off to a good start!


Gabe & Heidi's P.A.D. said...

Have you played Ticket to Ride yet?

Amy said...

hope you have a nice new years!

jenny cook said...

have fun with your company! hope you all have a great new years.

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