Friday, December 7, 2007

do you see what I see?

I do have a ton to get done today. I'm just still procrastinating. Sawyer's actually quiet for a moment on the couch enthralled with Rudolph and I know if I get up and go to the kitchen, he'll be right there at my heels begging for a snack.

I have to make lasagna rolls for our neighborhood progressive dinner tonight.
According to our advent calendar we're supposed to be stringing popcorn and cranberries to decorate our front bushes (I highly doubt that's going to get done) today.
I still haven't mailed out my sister's birthday present and her birthday is Sunday.
I have to find and take pictures of a handful of things to finish up some projects that I was hoping to have finished and in the mail by this next week.
I still have to figure out what the heck we're getting for other gifts that have to be sent out. I'm down to crunch time with having to mail them across the country!

Also my house is trashed.
How did it get so trashed by the way? It was spotless not 36 hours ago.

Here's what's on the floor within my sight from where I sit in the living room:
  • all the couch pillows
  • baby wipes and a fresh diaper SJ brought to me because she was complaining Sawyer was stinky
  • SJ's lammie and blankie
  • Sawyer's pajamas
  • SJ's pajamas
  • random colored pencils of the floor (to go with one of the kids' drawing notebooks on the ottoman)
  • sippy cup of oj (and one more on the coffee table)
  • two big blankets leftover from making forts last night
  • 5 kids books
  • two stuffed snowmen
  • the phone
  • 2 empty pez dispensers
  • Sawyer's snow hat
  • plastic airplane
  • 2 random floor puzzle pieces
  • Mickey Mouse ears
  • a ripped open ValPak Savings envelope from the mailbox yesterday with the 40 thousand coupons inside shuffled halfway under my chair (again, thank you Sawyer)
  • Ryan's slippers
  • two pairs of snow boots
  • a container of blank dvd's by the basement door waiting (for the fourth day) to be taken downstairs
  • one ripped up envelope from a birthday card to me (I was really saving it to open on Monday like I was ordered, Kasey... Sawyer took it upon himself this morning to help me open it early)
  • a golf ball
  • Sawyer's diaper from this morning that never made it to the garbage
  • Savannah laying in front of the tv watching her movie

Plus another blanket and a sweatshirt of mine thrown on the couch.
I won't even mention the shoes overflowing from our "shoe corner" or the groceries covering my kitchen island waiting to be put away.
Just thought I'd share.

Well, I guess I should get off my butt and do something. Sawyer's already gotten off his and is back to pestering Savannah.


K.M. Laughlin said...

Maybe Sawyer wanted to "help" you celebrate your bday this weekend! ha! :)

Denise said...

Ever since Gavin joined our family I am amazed at just how quickly your house can go from spotless to trashed in a matter of hours (or even minutes)! Hope you have a good weekend!

coupon codes said...

enjoy your weekend!!

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